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How to Prevent Hair Fall During Weight Loss

Author: Pawan Kumar
by Pawan Kumar
Posted: May 03, 2017

A number of women suffer from hair fall during weight loss. You are sure to lose hair sooner or later while undergoing vigorous weight loss regime. It may start anytime between the time period of 2 to 5 months during weight loss regime. Losing weight is certainly great but losing hair may reduce your self-confidence. If you are worried owing to loss of hair while getting into the weight loss program, here are some options of Hair Fall Treatment:

Do not go for crash diet

This is certainly one of the best ways for preventing loss of hair during weight loss. It is possible to lose weight without undergoing crash dieting. You may include the prerequisite amount of food which are enriched with nutrients but have carbohydrate and fat content in reduced quantity. In lieu of taking a singular big meal, you should be taking smaller meals for a number of times in addition to proper rest and exercise. Thus, your body will not get into pre-starving conditions and your hair will not stop receiving the prerequisite nutrients leading to hair fall.

Inclusion of minerals and vitamins of higher amount in the diet

Go natural

It is definitely one of the effective means for the Hair Fall Treatment during the loss of weight. You should ensure to include all the required minerals and vitamins in the diet. This will not add to your weight and will be beneficial in staying nourished. If there is the prerequisite supply of minerals and vitamins in the body, it is expected that you will not be experienced heavy loss of hair.

Fruits and vegetables are considered to be the best natural resources of minerals and vitamins. Green vegetables happen to be lower in calorie. They are loaded with the right amount of nutrients. You should include foods that are enriched with antioxidants in the diet.

Go for food supplements

In case you are not capable of maintaining the right diet for controlling hair fall, you can go for medicinal supplements. You can take multivitamin tablets, in addition, to the supplements of zinc, iron and other minerals, However, before starting with food supplements, it is recommended to visit a doctor to be aware of the side effects.

Inclusion of proteins in the diet

Reducing the daily intake of protein may lead to severe hair fall during weight loss. Hence, when you are on a diet, it is essential to include lean proteins of the moderate amount in the diet for Hair Fall Treatment in lieu of cutting them fully. Soya beans, fish, paneer, chicken, egg whited, curd, sprouts are counted to be the best resources of protein without any additional fat. These food items are beneficial in supplying the prerequisite amount of nutrients in the body without enhancing the weight.

Consumption of food enriched with vitamin C

Vitamin C may lead to extensive loss of hair. This contributes to being collagen synthesis that aids in supporting hair follicles and keeping blood vessels of scalp healthier. Vitamin E and C are considered to be effective in the reduction of hair loss. Hence, you should include food enriched with vitamin C and E in the diet for Hair Fall Treatment.

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