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Comparison between Selenium and WebTest

Author: Info Campus
by Info Campus
Posted: May 09, 2017
This article is to tell the comparison of selenium and WebTest. Here we can see some inquiries that give the best answer whether to choose selenium or WebTest.

Selenium and WebTest are two structures accessible for web test mechanization. This article looks at both structures in light of an arrangement of 8 inquiries to pick between them.

  1. Which one has the better IDE?
  2. How simple/quick to compose an exhaustive experiment?
  3. How simple is it to improve and adjust your experiment situation?
  4. Dealing with Javascript blunders?
  5. How simple is it to incorporate your web test cases with venture?
  6. What are the things that are in WebTest that you will miss in Selenium?
  7. Documentation?
  8. Generated Reports?

Which one has the better IDE?

Selenium has the better IDE; Selenium IDE is progressed and has a great deal of extravagances. WebTest IDE is rudimentary.

How simple/quick to compose a far reaching experiment?

In Selenium and WebTest it is anything but difficult to compose test cases, however Selenium is significantly less demanding than WebTest... obviously this is identified with point 1(Selenium IDE is progressed contrasted and WebTest)! selenium training in Bangalore

How simple is it to upgrade and alter your experiment situation?

In Selenium this will be less demanding a result of 2 reasons:

a. The experiment is executed on the program, so anybody can without much of a stretch think about what is the stream and can propose improvements on the experiment, no compelling reason to investigate the code to think about what this experiment is doing.

b. Because Selenium IDE gives u the capacity to adjust your experiment in a cordial straight forward way, WebTest IDE does not.

Managing Javascript mistakes?

Selenium does not give it a second thought if there is a JavaScript mistake or not, so you can't rely on upon Selenium alone to figure JavaScript blunders in the application!!!

WebTest cares about JavaScript blunders, and it won't let you proceed with your test till you settle all JavaScript mistakes.

The initial introduction with respect to this point WebTest is better, correct?

Be that as it may, this is not the case dependably, in light of the fact that occasionally you need to manage a venture that has numerous JavaScript mistakes and all what you need and need is to test usefulness, server-side approval, stream ….

Selenium is your legend here…

WebTest won't keep executing experiment on the off chance that it find any javascript blunder so it will give you a chance to down here..

The ideal thing as I would see it is to be able to test usefulness and stream in any case if there is Javascript blunders or not, and to be able to discover JavaScript mistakes in screens.

I mean Javascript blunder ought not to prevent you from testing the stream and usefulness for screens. selenium courses in Bangalore

Yet, how we can do that?

Just you can utilize Firebug Firefox module which get JavaScript blunders while Selenium is executing the Test Cases, this helped me a ton before, Trust me in this ;)

So my supposition for this point is:

Selenium + Firebug is greatly improved than WebTest...

How simple is it to incorporate experiments with venture?

WebTest combination with tasks is simple! You can without much of a stretch coordinate it to your manufacture file, and it is will end up plainly less demanding to utilize proceeds with combination instruments like Cruise Control to run test cases.

WebTest is much better here.

What the things that is in WebTest that you will miss in Selenium?

In WebTest you can check message inside Excel and PDF.


The same… Nobody wins here!

Created Reports?

WebTest Reports is better, yet the distinction is not that much.

In light of the above, I do suggest Selenium... selenium courses in Bangalore

Selenium is most likely the best alternative for robotized testing of Websites today. It is ending up plainly progressively prevalent and it is the main decision of mechanization analyzers and also associations for computerizing the testing of Web-based applications for both the GUI and in addition the usefulness. Selenium can likewise be utilized as a unit testing apparatus for JavaScript. We at Xoriant have been chipping away at Selenium for mechanizing the testing of Web destinations created utilizing AJAX for the pharmaceuticals and travel ventures.

Programming testing is developing quickly:

The presentation of new structures, for example, benefit arranged design (SOA), increment in virtualization and slant towards cloud has shaken up the business and has constrained analyzers to consider new angles. Furthermore, concentrate on DevOps has drastically changed the substance of IT.

There are a few imperative patterns in programming testing world that will modify the scene that analyzers wind up in today:

  • Mobile application testing
  • Cloud-based Testing
  • Testing in the Agile Development Environment
  • Context-driven test
  • Security Testing
  • Crowd sourced testing
  • Proliferation of open-source testing instruments
  • Tester Certification

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