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Carpet Cleaning And Repair Advice for All Home Owners

Author: Ranny Watson
by Ranny Watson
Posted: May 18, 2017
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At some point in time, you must need carpet cleaning and repair service and you may choose to do it yourself, if it is a simple task or you may have to get some professionals to do it. While you may do some simple repairs on the carpet, it is recommended and advised that you get professional cleaning services of the carpet at least once every year. Most of the do it yourself cleaning processes may not entirely remove the tough stains and may not manage to get dirt or dust deeply stuck or embedded in the carpet fabric.


You will mostly need to repair the carpet after burn or stain from for example pet urine, poop or vomit.

Repairing burnt carpet:

In repairing burn, begin by locating some piece of carpet of similar color and pattern. It could be from some portion of the carpet that remained when the carpet was being installed, or it may be removed from the hidden or not easily visible portions of the installed carpet. Always check to ensure that the replacement carpet portion is of same fabric run to the installed carpet. You will start by cutting the burned part in symmetrical shape such as triangle, rectangle or square.

The carpet to fill the cut out potion should be slightly larger as you will need to trim its edges to suit the size of the hole. When cutting to remove the burned part, avoid cutting all the way to the carpet padding. You just need to ensure the portion removed is just the burned top portion of the carpet.

The part to fill the hole left after cutting out the burned are should be placed to ensure that it fits very well and accords to the fabric run and pattern of the installed fabric. You can then trim off the extra portion to ensure it exactly fits in to the hole. A carpet adhesive should be used to affix this replacement portion to the carpet. Ensure you give the replacement portion time to dry before you attempt any form of cleaning.

Removal of small stains:

To remove small stains, you should begin by draining the moisture by use of towel, the draining should involve blotting but not rubbing. If the stain is solid such as poop from pets, begin by carefully collecting and wiping it off the carpet. When you have removed as much moisture or solid stain as possible, you then need to do the actual cleaning to remove the stain.

Generally, you need to apply mixture of water and either hydrogen peroxide or vinegar. The concentration of the vinegar or hydrogen peroxide should be adjusted depending on the toughness of the stain. However, avoid too much concentration of the same as it may burn the carpet and cause the colour to fade away.

Also ensure you apply the cleaning solution on the exact areas of the stain. Cleaning by blotting but do not use scourge brush or rough material that may cart away the carpet fabric. After cleaning the stain, remember to drain out the moisture from the wet portion of the stained area. Some stains are so tough such that they cannot be removed by the simple cleaning. In that case, you may have to follow the above steps of how to patch carpet to ensure you remove the stained portion and replace it with another part of the same colour and pattern.


After repairing stain or burn in the carpet, you may realize that the repaired portion and other parts of the carpet have absorbed dirt. In that case, you need to ensure the carpet gets through clean thereafter. You may do it yourself or hire professional cleaning company to do it. In all cases, abrasive cleaning methods should be avoided and the carpet should be dried through after the cleaning and before it is installed in its place.

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