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Legionella Risk Assessment for Your Business

Author: Seller Ben
by Seller Ben
Posted: Feb 18, 2014

Legionella Risk assessment is an important aspect of water hygiene. The sad fact is that many bodies of water today are contaminated with bacteria, the most common being legionella. Once inside the body, this bacterium can severely incapacitate a person for days or weeks, sometimes even leading to hospitalization or death.

About Legionella

Legionella is a bacterium usually found in bodies of water but may also be spread through the air. Some of its most common sources include showers, irrigations, spa baths, and more. The bacterium is the known cause of Legionnaire’s disease which is a complicated form of pneumonia. Thanks to modern medicine however, the treatment for the condition is easily accessible with a very good prognosis. Despite the readiness of the treatment, the condition still forces patients to suffer as the body deals with the intruder. In the UK, legionella is considered a serious condition, prompting the government to enforce testing and treatment for all the water systems.

The Importance of Water Hygiene

Fortunately, there are ways to ensure that individuals never ingest the bacteria. Through a specialized water treatment, the bacteria can be quickly identified and removed to ensure the purity of the liquid.

Legionella is mostly detected in work settings where large vats of water are consistently used. Even if the workers do not ingest the water, the airborne version of the bacteria may still infect workers and cause it to spread. In business facilities, this widespread pneumonia can freeze operations due to employee problems, significantly crippling the company and causing problems for the bottom-line.

For these reason, companies find it worth the expense to have their water and air checked to eliminate the possibility of legionella. By doing so, they are able to protect their employees and promote a seamless operation for the company.

Other Water Risks

Legionella Risk assessment is just one of the few tests often run to ensure water and air hygiene. There are actually numerous bacteria and viruses that may be flourishing in the water and air, making it crucial to run a full panel before exposing workers to the general environment.

Currently, there are companies specializing in Legionella Risk assessment and other hygiene facilities. When opting for one however, it’s crucial to choose a business that performs the task in accordance with health and safety regulatory boards like the Health and Safety Commission. Doing this will ensure that the check is thoroughly done, using the right chemicals and equipment for the job. These same companies must be capable of routinely providing treatment services to keep the water and air quality high.

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