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Changes in the H1B visa program define your selection of Immigration Attorney’s Services?

Author: Alexis Watson
by Alexis Watson
Posted: May 27, 2017
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With the new Republican government in place and the whole hullabaloo around Mr. Donald Trump being selected as the head of state with his poll USP around "Making America Great Again" calls for an expected extensive change in the immigration policy of the country.The largest part of the immigration policy which is being expected to get affected because of this expected change would be the H1B Visa program. The program till date have been very much effective for tech startups and giants for attracting talented immigrants from all over the world to work for them.Among all the nations, Indian immigrants being one of the most benefitted segments, as per US Homeland security reports, in 2014 70% of the H1B visas being issued to Indians only.

Though under the existing the H1B visa program, an employer recruiting a foreign talents has to first show to the authorities that an equivalent talents in not available in the country as of now and so they are recruiting a foreigner but in future the complying to the regular can become more tough.Bigger tech giants mostly established by Immigrant founders always used the H1B visa route to recruit talents from the foreign countries by using the existing structure of the H1B program.This gave them not only an opportunity of getting access to a larger talent pool but also gave them an access to cheaper human capital.

With recent efforts being done by the Republicans and others who are strong proponents of the visa reform are focusing on bringing new regulations which can pose danger to lot of Immigrant workforce who are at the verge of renewing their H1B visa permits.As per the current set of guidelines, an H1B visa is initially allowed is at least 6 years period with intervals of 3 years in the initial stage.

Now if you are an immigrant person and working with any of the tech giants today and your renewal is due in next 6 months to 1 year, all these new changes might worry you at lot.In fact the best way to safeguard yourself is to start taking steps from today only.Hiring a competent Immigration attorney is one of the smart choices one should make.While selecting Best H1b Visa Attorney at this point of time you should be very cautious.The attorney whom you should look at hiring at this stage should be quite proactive at this stage so that any government regulations which comes in place can be handled well in advance.The attorney should be quite transparent in sharing with you the steps he/she is following and should be ready with answers to all regulatory questions which the department of homeland security may put before you at the time of visa renewal.

A proactive steps from your side and your New York Immigration Attorney is very important to handle the changing dynamics of regulation and similar on those lines you should also become bit cautious in selecting the right attorney this time because the same can have long term implications.

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