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3 tips to remove anti-social tag from your Wordpress website

Author: Bonny Jones
by Bonny Jones
Posted: May 29, 2017
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Anti-social, as the name defines is something which is not social or is unfriendly. In realtime, no one likes an unfriendly person, same is the case with a website.

If your website is unfriendly then no one will prefer to visit your website or give a shout out.

Here we will discuss some of the tips related to anti-social elements and improving them.

We are considering a wordpress built website because in wordpress it is very easy to implement changes using plugins.

Why to be social?

Social here is associated with social media. It has become a vital part of everyone today. From personal life to professional life, it is playing an important role. Disconnecting with social media is ignoring huge part of traffic on conversions on site.

It can make your website popular, help in generating leads if it’s a business website, develop and promote a brand.

What are the tips?

No room for sharing: If your website has interesting content then everyone will like to share it. Sharing can be done in two ways, manually and automatically.

Doing it manually is easy but time consuming, most of the readers abandon manual process because it makes them tired.

To effortlessly make it easy use wordpress social media plugin. This plugin will enable sharing buttons on different elements of your wordpress website like blog posts, images, videos, podcasts etc.

This process is automatic. Visitor has to click on a share icon, customize the message (if they wish to) and click share. Job is done.

Email as the only registration choice: Today almost every social network is offering login via their platform. It is called social login.

Social login is an alternative for traditional login, where you have to use new set of credentials in order to sign up and sign in.

Social login uses use existing credentials form a social media platform and uses it to authenticate on that website.

This way user save its time from registration.

No social proofs: Social media these days is also used by people as a trust factor. One who is not active or has no social presence is considered as less trustworthy.

Without trust users will not engage with your website.

Displaying social proof in form of follower counts, testimonials, social media page stream etc can help you build a social proof.

Check your website for above three tips and rebuild your website accordingly so that it wont be non-social friendly anymore.

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Hi, I am a huge lover of technology, especially when it relates with marketing.

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