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Bonny Jones


Member since: Jan 24, 2017
Published articles: 28

3 Mistakes You Need to Avoid While Doing Citation!

In a nutshell, businesses can be considered either:Location based businesses where customers purchase goods and services at your location.Service based businesses where you provide services or goods...

Articles > Internet > SEO May 16, 2017
3 Wordpress Plugins to Look for in 2018

New year is approaching near and the quest for top plugins is on. Wordpress has many plugins which compete every year for this position of must have. In this post we will discuss 3 such plugins which...

Articles > Internet > Blogging Sep 27, 2017
4 Essential Tips from a Pro Blogger to Get High Traffic

Traffic is one of the concerned topic among new and old bloggers. It being a main concern, bloggers look for solution to this problem and often land up in confusion because there are many methods...

Articles > Internet > Blogging Jul 03, 2017
5 Slack App Integrations You’Ll Love to Work With

Slack has empowered communication for teams across different sectors. That’s the reason why you can see a lot of awesome and crazy integrations in one of the most acknowledged apps for business...

Articles > Internet > Blogging Apr 20, 2017
Automate Your Marketing Effort with Identity Management Platform

"Knowing customers deeply" is the new mantra for a successful business. Businesses who know their customers well are one step ahead of the competition. But in this technology-oriented world, the...

Articles > Computers > Information Technology May 17, 2017
Gui Testing : What It is and Why It is Important?

We all know that only a few users understand the underlying features of a software. All they are concerned about is what a software does, how will it help them to get a regular job done and whether it...

Articles > Internet > Web Design Jul 18, 2017
Inspirations from Other Blogs to Increase Traffic and Engagement on Your Blog

Bloggers often face this problem of low traffic. Call it a human mistake or human psychology, bloggers compare their blogs with peer bloggers of same niche and often copy all the things peer blogger...

Articles > Internet > Blogging Jun 07, 2017
Multiple Websites Facing Authentication Challenges? Here is a Solution!

Corporations and enterprises have explored internet to the last drop and are successful in utilizing it for business opportunities and service providing by creating different platforms publically for...

Articles > Computers > Information Technology May 04, 2017
Quick Rules to Create a Killer Infographic Resume!

In today’s competitive job market, it is really hard to land a job than ever before especially when hundreds of people are applying for the same position. For an applicant, first few seconds of his...

Articles > Writing > Article Marketing Jun 21, 2017
Suggestions for a Newborn Website: Traffic and SEO

Everyday thousands of websites are being launched in cyberspace. Some are competitors some are completely different from each other. In this post, I will be sharing some of the tips related to SEO and...

Articles > Internet > SEO Jul 17, 2017
The Changing Face of Identity Theft

Identity is a crucial element to everyone today. Whether online or offline, identity is helping everyone in making life easy.Identity theft is one of fastest growing crimes today. With increase in use...

Articles > Computers > Security Feb 15, 2017
This is How I Rocket Boosted My Online Business Using Social Media

Hi there, this is Jose K and this post is all about me and my online business. I own a online store which sells clothes for kids from age of 3 to 12. The motive behind writing this post is to guide...

Articles > Internet > Web Design Sep 13, 2017
Top 4 Reason to Use Social Share Plugin in Your Wordpress Website

Most of you have witnessed it everyday when you are reading a blog. Most of you have read it as a recommendation for blog and business website. Social share plugins are widely used by bloggers and...

Articles > Internet > Blogging Jun 22, 2017
Top Instagram Hacks to Organically Increase Your Followers

Instagram is a social media platform which is popular amongst 700 million monthly users today. Most of the businesses are utilizing Instagram as their marketing and branding platform.Most popular...

Articles > Internet > SMO Jun 12, 2017
Two-Factor Authentication to Improve Banking Security

From past few years, online banking is witnessing tremendous growth including mobile phone-based online banking. The facility of online banking has brought great convenience and efficiency for users...

Articles > Computers > Information Technology Jun 15, 2017
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