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Multiple websites facing authentication challenges? Here is a solution!

Author: Bonny Jones
by Bonny Jones
Posted: May 04, 2017
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Corporations and enterprises have explored internet to the last drop and are successful in utilizing it for business opportunities and service providing by creating different platforms publically for use.

There is no limitation to online platforms regarding their existence and ownership. This liberty helped businesses to establish platforms profitable to both and explore this horizon in context of users, niches and collaborations.

Today, in spite of no limitations over ownership of online platforms, often businesses have limitation of owning multiple platforms. This can be either because of financial limitations, management decisions or market risks.

This can lead to stop in growth, limitation to expansion or switch from niches very hard.

The solution to this problem is collaboration to existing services and businesses who are interested in collaboration and services.

There are many such web platforms which provide online services and are dependent upon other services for providing additional functionalities. Functionalities can be any, like reserving tickets to your favorite game and ordering snacks along with it.

For the above example, what generally happens is that user logs in a website for buying tickets. For ordering snacks, user has to open another website to order snacks and enter seat number.

To make it convenient for users/customers, what can be done is that both websites can create a bridge from where users can travel forth and back and perform their actions.

In this case the ticketing website can work as a primary and food ordering website be secondary.

Once user finishes its booking it can navigate to other site by a link on the primary website, to secondary website.

As a user redirects, it should be able to use other website in a seamless way.

When someone logs in they are authenticated and then allowed to use premium services. This process happens every time.

Although this is a mandatory process but it exhausts visitors/users when switching from one or more websites.

Every time they visit any website they have to enter their credentials, which make them tired.

Same can be the case with above example. When they visit secondary website, they have to again enter their credentials and in between switching from other primary website to filling credentials, user can change its mind. This can cause huge loss to businesse(s).

There is a solution to this authentication challenge which is only faced when dealing with multiple websites under an umbrella.

Single sign on solutions is a SaaS based solution which Improves user experience with seamless cross-channel authentication. It enables single identity across multiple web platforms. This means users can use their single credentials across different web properties which are under one umbrella.

Now users can switch to multiple websites without breaking the flow as it was in above example.

This enables positive user experience for users and increase in revenue.

This way businesses can utilize independence of multiple establishments with ease and make it productive.

The problem of authentication is now solved by implementing single sign on solutions.

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Author: Bonny Jones

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