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Suggestions for a newborn website: Traffic and SEO

Author: Bonny Jones
by Bonny Jones
Posted: Jul 17, 2017
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Everyday thousands of websites are being launched in cyberspace. Some are competitors some are completely different from each other.

In this post, I will be sharing some of the tips related to SEO and traffic on a newly created website to help it rank better and attract good traffic.

From SEO point of view, meta tags are important for a website. Meta tags helps bots to get a short description about your website to display it on search page. On the other hand it helps visitors to know about your website in short.

Even if someone shares your website on social media platform, OG tags (sort of meta tags for social media) show proper title and description on the platform.

Social share plugin on a website helps displaying social share buttons on the content. Share buttons on any content make it easy to share them on social media. Sharing on social media attracts social traffic back to the website.

Content such as videos, images, audio, documents, pages, posts etc can be shared effortlessly. Using a share plugin improves user experience as well as traffic to the site.

Social traffic is one of the important factors which helps in improving SEO of the website.

Website hierarchy is also important. Normally visitors won't see it but web crawlers do. Web crawlers cannot see visually the headings and subheadings so they take help of header tags on the website.

On a website, the hierarchy is set using H1, which is the main heading of the page, then H2 for sub heading then H3 below it. Do note, there can be only one H1 on a page and multiple H2, H3 and so on.

Optimized images also plays important role in attracting traffic as well as improving SEO. To optimize an image, rename it to relevant title corresponding to that image, compress it in order to increase its loading time, use alt text with images.

Optimized images have chances of ranking in image search compared to the site in main search. So there are chances of getting traffic from image search.

These are some suggestions for a newborn website related to traffic as well as SEO.

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Hi, I am a huge lover of technology, especially when it relates with marketing.

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