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How does it work? Reformer Pilates classes for beginners

Author: Nathan Aron
by Nathan Aron
Posted: May 31, 2017

Whether you’re new to Pilates altogether or are used to mat work only, reformer Pilates can often

seem a little intimidating at first. While it’s true that the reformer bed can look a bit like a medieval

torture instrument, it’s actually very easy once you get the hang of it.

We’re here today to talk about what you can expect if you’re a beginner to reformer Pilates.

Get to know the reformer bed

Reformer Pilates uses the spring-loaded reformer bed to create resistance for a total body workout.

The machine comes complete with cables, bars and straps so, with the help of additional props,

you’ll be able to get more out of your Pilates workout as your muscles are challenged. Don’t worry –

your Pilates instructor will talk you through how to use the machine and will guide you throughout

the class.

With reformer Pilates, you’ll discover new ranges of movement and flexibility as your muscles are

sculpted and toned. A significant advantage of reformer Pilates is that it targets smaller muscle

groups and you have the option of performing exercises in different positions.

A reformer Pilates class

Reformer Pilates classes generally run for 45 minutes to an hour and you won’t need to worry about

shoes – socks or bare feet are all you’ll need. Wear comfortable workout clothes but nothing that’s

too loose as you don’t want clothing getting in the way when you’re trying to use the machine.

When you begin your reformer class, you’ll learn that movements are generally small and isolated to

target particular muscle groups. The springs on your reformer bed can be adjusted to add more

resistance which means you can continually challenge yourself as you progress in your reformer

Pilates practice and your instructor will let you know when you need to increase resistance.

The results of reformer Pilates

If you’re a reformer beginner, you’ll be able to feel your muscles being challenged pretty early on –

after all, you’ll be working muscle groups that probably didn’t get much attention previously. If your

muscles begin to shake, this is normal but always remember to ease yourself into reformer slowly.

With continued reformer classes, you can expect to notice improvements in your core stability,

balance, muscle strength and endurance, posture and in your general wellbeing. Reformer Pilates is

also a good option if you’re recovering from injury – just make sure you speak to your instructor

beforehand so they know what the issue is and modify as necessary.

At K?YA Health Clubs, we provide you with an authentic Pilates experience. We provide Pilates

reformer for the beginner up to advanced and our specialist instructors are full accredited by the

Elixr School of Pilates. To help you get to know reformer Pilates, we also offer education courses so

you know exactly what you can expect from your classes.

For the best Pilates studio in Melbourne, contact K?YA today on (03) 9090 1000 and we can help

find the right class for you.

About the Author

Nathan Aron is a fitness trainer, who writes for many online journals and portals that are related to fitness classes.

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Author: Nathan Aron

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