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Joint Health Cost & Tips to make things Possible

Author: Saroj Hospital
by Saroj Hospital
Posted: Jun 08, 2017
joint replacement

When severe pain or joint damage makes the daily activities limited, joint replacement is the best option available with medical science. Doctors suggest joint replacement to improve the way you live as it relieves the pain and makes you move & feel better. More often, hips and knees are replaced while other joints that can be replaced include fingers, elbows, ankles and shoulders.

People more than 65 years of age are more likely to undergo replacement operation. However, joint replacement has become more common. In USA nearly 1 million people have a hip or knee replaced every year. In fact, the researchers have shown that joint replacement can make you move around better even if you are older.

What can happen to joints?

Arthritis and other diseases, injuries or other causes can be the reason for joint damage. Sometimes, the years of use might cause the joints to wear away. It can result into pain, stiffness and swelling. Disease or damage inside the joint can limit blood flow which can cause problems in the bones. Notably, the bones require adequate supply of blood to be healthy, grow and repair them.

What is joint replacement?

Joint replacement is a surgical procedure in which parts of arthritic or damaged joints are removed and replaced with a new one which is called prosthesis. The new joint, is either made up of plastic or ceramic or metal and is specifically designed to replicate the movement of a normal, healthy joint.It can be cemented or not cemented at the place so that your bone can grow inside it.

Cost of Joint replacement

If you are wondering why there is huge difference in cost in India and America, it is largely because of the high taxes in America & Not enough Manpower in country like USA, Singapore etc. which makes the knee implants costlier. Though, the cost can vary substantially in the same geographical region.

Total Knee Replacement 600$-8500$

Knee replacement (unilateral) 1000$-3,000$

Knee replacement (bilateral) 2000$-5,100$

Spine surgery with implants 2000$-6,500$

5 Tips for Improving Orthopedic Health

1. Eating right is the key

2. Staying active through physical activity

3. Precautionary measures

4. Adopt Healthy Habits

5. Clothes and Footwear

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