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How to Get Paint Off The Carpet

Author: Ranny Watson
by Ranny Watson
Posted: Jun 12, 2017
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In western countries, it is expensive to hire skilled labour for most of the household jobs. Jobs like window cleaning, dust control, painting your house, pesticide control etc. Among those carpet cleaning is one of them that requires a lot of precautions. Here you will read about the optimal cleaning process to remove paint on carpet, if you are doing it on your own:

Step #1: If you or your kid has spilled the paint then let it dry at its best in order to getting stains out of carpet. Manage to get some goo that you might have ever used for hard paint brushes, so must understand it will work on the paint that is dry as well. Spread the goo on and around the dry paint. In a short while the goo will will get dry on the paint. Now take a knife that has a sharp edge and try to extract the dry paint from the carpet. Keep doing until you can easily remove the paint layer.

Step #2: When the dry stuff on the carpet comes away, now there is time to work on the stains left on the carpet fibers. So spray some mixture of hot water and let it dry with sunlight. While spraying the pad take care that it doesn’t soaks the bad otherwise it can result in mildew. Then rub as many white clothes you can use to transfer the stains from the the carpet to the white cloth. Never use a colored cloth otherwise there are chances of transferring the clothes dye back on the carpet. This will worsen the whole process. After an hour you will find the paint stains have dried and almost gone.

Step #3: Now you have to deal with the stubborn stains which are less visible and hard to identify. They can’t be cut by hot boiling water and sunlight, so you have the last resort of using the most common household cleaning chemical called as ‘Ammonia’.

Before you open the bottle of ‘Ammonia’ make sure you open your windows because it has an awful smell and it won’t go even if you are finished but still it is pleasant to work in open windows.

Mix two serving spoons (little large) of ammonia chemical in a cup of boiling water and spray it wisely on the less visible marks. Now scratch the marks with ammonia without wetting the whole layer and leave it for one and a half hour.

Step #4: Get your iron fill it full to its water level to form enough steam. Use the iron with steam. If you have a woolen carpet use the iron on the highest number. Use low for nylon or synthetic. Take a clean cloth and cover the stain now iron it for 15-20 seconds. Keep rotating the cloth and rotating this task. Keep changing the cloth frequently and do not stop the iron even for a second.

Step #5: When you are satisfied then clean the carpet with water. Keep cleaning unless you get rid of the ammonia residue.

Step #6: Last of all, let the patch stain carpet dry. Shampoo it often and let it dry again to get the same appeal of the carpet.

Hope these steps help you achieve your carpets beauty back.

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