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Leak Detection - Hydro Vacuum Excavation Sydney

Author: Alex Mayers
by Alex Mayers
Posted: Jun 12, 2017

What is Vacuum Excavation?

Collecting and disposing of waste for confident space such as sludge and wet or dry solids can be a major obstacle, unless you operate with wet and dry vacuum trucks and suitable equipment. Vacuum services are capable to remove a wide variety of sewage materials like; glues, dry clays, and oil materials with different densities from variety of tanks, vessels, ponds and drains. Vacuum excavation is also known as a non-destructive digging method which can be performed only by professional, knowledgeable and fully-trained team, familiar with all techniques for safe underground locating.

Major Advantage of vacuum excavation

One of the greatest environmental advantages of vacuum excavation process is 100% accuracy in identifying the precise depth of a utility. The procedure can be described as a non-destructive way to safely expose and identify buried utilities by eliminating accidental line damage and trench cave-ins. For projects where high volume vacuum excavation services are needed with huge quantities of spoil being removed from a single site or area, you should consider contacting professional company to reduce the risk and the costs that are brought by traditional digging methods.

The performance consists of highly pressured water used along with an air vacuum to dig the soil while the air vacuum transfers the soil to a debris tank. This system delivers the highest standard for controlling and eliminating VOCs in vacuum trucks, and can help you more effectively manage your operations’ emissions and project costs. Industry-advanced and wet-dry vacuum trucks can safely collect sludge, in different directions while pipes and surrounding utilities are located with huge accuracy.

Why Use Hydro Excavation?

Because it does not use heavy equipment and machines, it can solve a variety of applications by identifying the accurate depth of a utility.

  • The most efficient type of vacuum excavation can collect liquid materials effectively,• The vacuum can lift the loose soil and can carry the debris into the tank,• Less invasive to nature can perform all types of sewer cleaning,• Collecting environmental materials with low flash point temperatures,• High precision and low risk when disposing materials near to buried utilities.
Hydro excavation brings a number of advantages as the most preferred method capable to minimize damages to underground pipes, lines and cables. Since it limits accidents and injuries it is also very effective and precise as well compared to conventional digging.

So if you want to implement danger free excavation methods or you need more information on how to keep your area clean with minimum disruption and damage to power lines, then it would be advisable to contact vacuum excavation company from Sydney. You will find plenty of useful guidelines and different scenarios that can eliminate every negative consequence when employing non-destructive excavation .

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Author: Alex Mayers

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