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Author: Lisa Rose
by Lisa Rose
Posted: Jun 13, 2017

When you bought a new printer or you want to update window for your PC, then you can find some problem while installing your printer. The first question arises i.e. how many times you have tried to print and printer won’t work because of network connectivity problems?

There may be various reasons of printer connectivity issues like while installing the printer you have forgot to configure the network settings in the printer itself. Yet, after doing this mistake your printer can work the first few times, but after that it is not ready to work. In starting a printer which is working without configuration is that you are configuring Windows with a dynamic IP address that could change at any time. And when it does printer stop working as Windows will not get informed about the change causing connection problems the next time you want to print.

You may be worried that how to install your printer. You need not to worry much, firstly you have to install a printer driver. It give commands to the printer to tell it how and what to print.

Steps to be followed while installing printer:

While installing printer, you need to make sure that your printer is turned on and connected to internet. As well as you should also check the power button i.e. whether it is on or not?

  • If you are using wired printers, you need to check that the USB cable is properly connected from the printer to your PC. But if you are using wireless printers, check the wireless connection that whether it is working or not.
  • You can also run the printing troubleshooter to solve
printer installation problems.

  • If you’re still facing problems related to connectivity issue, you should install new printer driver to your PC.
  • Firstly you need to find the website of your printer manufacturer’s. There can be various options, but you need to search for print drivers, printer drivers or simply for drivers.
  • Then you need to find right driver for your printer model.
  • Start downloading the desired or right print driver after downloading install the driver in your personal computer.
  • You need to restart your computer after the installation is done.
  • Even if you have the driver software that comes with the package of your computer it might be easier for you to install the driver. Like you just have to insert the disc drive and then you can follow the instruction and can install the driver accordingly.

Even if after installing printer driver, your problem is not solved, you need to troubleshoot the problems. If you're printing to a shared printer that is used by various computers or a printer on a network, you need to make sure that all the necessary computers and routers are turned on.

In case you are using a wired printer, kindly make sure that the printer cable of your PC is properly connected.

In case of wireless printers, you need to check the wireless connection. Make sure the printer’s wireless option is turned on and available. After that, run the printer’s wireless connectivity test.

Thus by following these steps, you will be able to use your printer easily.

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