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Is it possible to build muscle without weights?

Author: Brandon Fence
by Brandon Fence
Posted: Jun 19, 2017
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Working out is hard. Keeping up with your diet, improving your performance, getting a lean body, and even starting are all very tedious things to do. Scientists, athletes, and bodybuilders have put years and years of research into finding the most effective and most efficient way for regular people with busy schedules to achieve the bodies we used to want so badly without undergoing the traditional process of spending hours and hours that they do not have in the gym doing repetition after repetition carrying heavier and heavier weights. Building muscle mass without weights is a bit tricky but with the proper program and right supplements it is possible to achieve the body that you want.

Although being a bit more complicated than just carrying weights, it is very possible to build muscle without weights. Some people engage themselves in certain sports that automatically give them a better body. Some people do specific workout programs like calisthenics, crossfit, and whole bunch of other programs to get their ideal body. Molding your body into your ideal body type is certainly possible with the use of right supplements and the perfect workout program for you because some programs work really well with others and some of them do not.

There are certain disadvantages that come with the use of weights and one of them is safety. You can never be too careful with weights because accidents really do happen, maybe not now but you would never know when it will. Another disadvantage that comes with the use of weights is the permanent damage it does to your body due to the stress and pressure it puts on not just your muscles but also your bones. If you do not have full control of your body, you might end up tearing up your muscles or even fracturing your bones. Weight lifting related accidents are very common and some of them can even cause permanent injuries to your body which is why you have to be very careful or just basically build muscle without weights.

Building muscle without the use of weights is the most natural way to get a better body since you do not rely on any equipment or tool but your body’s strength. But even though it is natural, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t any boosts. Supplements were made to embody all the nutrients you need to either bulk up or tone down or whatever your ideal body type is. There are even specific supplements for your specific goal which is why building muscle without the use of weights is perfectly possible. The technique is not actually in how hard you work out although you do have to work hard but with the perfect program and perfect supplements to fuel your body to achieve that specific goal.

Is it possible to build muscle without the use of weights? Why not? There have been countless possibilities opening up to us in this modern generation, technological advances have been made to make it possible to do just about anything including building muscle without the use of weights. Visit our website at and feel free to contact us.

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