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Role of Digital media in Transforming the world

Author: Khas Khabar
by Khas Khabar
Posted: Jun 28, 2017

Digital media has a tremendous impact on our different areas of life. The modes of digital media have brought a revolution in the society. It has changed the way people communicate, learn, think and socialize. Nowadays, we spend more time in looking at mobile and computer screens than we actually sleep.

The digitized content which can be transmitted over internet comes under digital media. Digital content can be any text, audio, video, image or graphics. In fact, the news and information that are presented on website and can be transmitted through internet are digital news. People have become digitally literate now. Those who have capacity to understand, access and participate in digital world are considered as Digitally literate. Be it lifestyle, culture, politics, entertainment and business, digital media has impacted the different areas of life. Let’s consider its impact on various facets of life one by one.

A nation cannot run its own. There are the people who govern it. Equality has also been a need of nations. As money is the main push in politics hence it avoids the people’s rights of equal status. With the emergence of digital media, masses got a medium to express their views freely. As the news spread on digital media like fire so politicians they take good care of their actions. Digital media is a good medium of crowd funding for politicians.

Coming to aspect of socializing, we found that there was a time when people are not able to talk and communicate with family and friends for months. But now people can stay in touch of their old friends too with few clicks on their phones.

It leaves less scope of boredom as people can exchange jokes, share videos and watch movies through digital means. People now get the updates about any latest news and events in no time. It also offers a great platform to know the world while staying at home. The digital media has made the world a global village. Digital media offers a unique opportunity for mankind to aspire to a truly tolerant and civilized society.

Now, getting information related for studies has become easier with digital world. As there is an unrestricted flow of information on internet, students can use them for studies. In fact, government is making education more accessible through digitalisation. Even if you want to research on any specific you will definitely get lots of information about it.

It is not possible to ignore the role of digital media in growth of economy. You find that the entire world has turned into one big marketplace with the power of digitalization. Businesses as well as employees find it easier to work. Businesses can easily deal with international clients by breaking geographical barriers. Apart from these changes, digital media has brought several positive changes in society. is a Jaipur based digital hindi news website. This online newspaper aims to offer its readers news and information with just few clicks. The readers find all the information related to business, politics, entertainment, sports and lifestyle on website.

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