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Khas Khabar


Member since: Dec 28, 2016
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Anti Aging Fruits

We are all on a quest to age gracefully and maintain our youthful-looking skin and complexion. Growing older is inevitable, but looking your age is not and slashing years off your aging body starts...

Articles > Health & Fitness > Nutrition Aug 14, 2017
Benefits of Choosing Online Hindi Newspaper over Traditional Newspapers

With the continuous advancements in field of science and technology, there are rise in many unique tools and technology. The purpose of these technological solutions is to make optimum use of time and...

Articles > News & Society > Anthropology Sociology Mar 21, 2017
Check the Results of Board Exams 2017 Conducted by Up Board of Education

Exams are important in every student’s life. It is a way to test the knowledge and skills of student. This is also a great medium to assess whether a student should be promoted to next class or not...

Articles > Writing > Ezines & Newsletters Jan 09, 2017
Experience the World at Your Doorstep with Online Hindi Newspapers

Nowadays, the life is running at a fast pace. People are so engaged in running towards success that they don’t have time to relax a bit. In the fast moving life, everyone looks for the means that are...

Articles > News & Society > Anthropology Sociology Mar 18, 2017
Impact of Online Newspaper on New-Age Readers

There has always been this prediction that online media will one day replace traditional media in the news market. From the last half-a-decade, journalism has entered a stage in which news...

Articles > News & Society > Pure Opinion Dec 28, 2016
Laugh More Every Day with Jokes

Life is full of challenges and problems. Be it money, relations, career and health etc, people face issues in every sphere of life. Amidst these difficulties, sometimes it is not very easy to even...

Articles > Health & Fitness > Mental Health Apr 05, 2017
National News in Hindi

In the fast running world, no one wants to lag behind. People make efforts everyday to win in their respective area of work through their knowledge and skills. The people look for the ways that can...

Articles > News & Society > Pure Opinion Mar 24, 2017
Rainy Day Must-Haves Accessories

There is perhaps no greater expert on brightening up a look with accessories than the fashion enthusiast who lives in a dark and rainy climate. When the weather refuses to cooperate with the arrival...

Articles > Beauty > Hair Aug 24, 2017
Role of Digital Media in Transforming the World

Digital media has a tremendous impact on our different areas of life. The modes of digital media have brought a revolution in the society. It has changed the way people communicate, learn, think and...

Articles > News & Society > Eco Innovations Jun 28, 2017
Get Glowing and Healthy Skin Naturally with These Yoga Poses

Everyone dreams of a glowing skin despite of what gender you are. But in today's world where we are surrounded by pollution and toxins at all times the possibility of having naturally glowing skin...

Articles > Health & Fitness > Fitness Oct 15, 2018
5 Ways to Improve Your Iq

Your IQ, which stands for Intelligence Quotient, is a scientific assessment of your intelligence derived from standardized tests that measure problem solving abilities, spatial imagery, memory...

Articles > News & Society > Anthropology Sociology Nov 30, 2017
Management Lesson: Meaning of Lord Ganesha's Each Body Parts

The son of Shiva and Parvati, Ganesha has an elephantine countenance with a curved trunk and big ears, and a huge pot-bellied body of a human being. He is the Lord of success and destroyer of evils...

Articles > Internet > Forums Aug 28, 2017
Online Newspapers: Evolution or Revolution

These days, more and more sectors have adopted e-commerce techniques for their working. Digitization has brought immense changes in society. Literally, digitization means to employ digital...

Articles > Health & Fitness > Mental Health Apr 19, 2017
Perfect Hairstyles That Will Save Your Hair on a Rainy Days

The rains are here and we couldn't be happier. The monsoons bring with them a cheer to beat the summer heat, but not everyone's skin and hair is compatible with this season. If you are having one of...

Articles > Beauty > Hair Aug 19, 2017
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