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The Fear of Being an Entrepreneur Specially For Solo Entrepreneur

Author: Aditi Singh
by Aditi Singh
Posted: Aug 27, 2019

"Don’t let your fear define the path your choose"

Fear is something that God hasn't built inside us. We bought fear inside us.

But do you really want your fear to define the path you choose?

Do you really want to stick somewhere where you don't want to be?

Fear is harmful, painful and dangerous.

It can easily come to you in any form of emotions impacting your decision taking abilities.

Fear at times can play havoc with the mindset of first-time entrepreneur and Fear of Solo entrepreneur. Especially, when you have recently quit your job to start a new company.

Fear of failure, Fear of not being able to live up to expectations of others, fear of going back to job.

It’s all in the mind.

For us to succeed, we should learn to overcome fear or as they say, "tame the beast".

We the entrepreneurs should overcome:

1. Fear Of Change

Change is not easy. It is the very first fear which enters our mind as soon as we turn into Entrepreneurs. Obviously turning from someone who had lived under the shadow of a company as an employee to a risk taker is not easy.

Change freaks us out, probably even more than public speaking. Changing your personality, your perspective is not a one day job.

Many entrepreneurs are clueless when they face this fear.

How do your overcome the fear of change?

It’s all in your mind.

Try and leave your past behind. You cannot go back to your cushiony job as you are aiming long term.

Work hard and not crib about the days gone by. Sooner or later you will succeed.

2. Fear of Failure

Another fear that sticks with you is the fear of failure. Everyone hates to fail.

It's hard to imagine entrepreneur put everything they have - their hopes, their dream, and finance on line only to watch it burn to ashes.

Try and keep negativity at bay by staying with positive people. During the initial days of entrepreneurship, positivity is of high importance.

Read books of successful entrepreneurs and their journey.

I do not see a reason why failure can play a spoilsport to a hard working, positive entrepreneur.

3. Fear of Not Getting Funded

Many entrepreneurs are passionate about their idea, but the fear that builds up whether the investor going to like it or not is something to look forward too.

Raising money for startups is scary, its sometimes very difficult to find an investor.

Whenever an entrepreneur is done with a business model suddenly they hear a voice "What if we don't get funding?".

Such kind of fear is common among the startups.

Strategies before you go out looking for funding.

Also bootstrap and build a sustainable business model before you ask anyone to fund you. I have never seen a business with proper business plan not getting funded.

4. Fear of Rejection

Sometimes, the fear of rejection or ridicule can be even more pronounced than the fear of failure.

We're so anxious about what others think, that we let dreamed-up embarrassments limits us.

You know what is worst about fear of rejection? The confidence killed by fear of rejections.

What if I am no given meeting? What if my product is not what I think is should be?

What if I am rejected?

Aaah. I can go on and on.

How I have overcome this fear is by believing in a simple line "I have nothing to lose".

So when I approach someone I let the "fear of rejection" stay away as I have nothing to lose and all to gain.

Fear at times is underrated. Philosophers have written hundreds of books on how to overcome fear and trust me, I have read quite a few of them.

Still, the questions keep lingering in your mind

"What if after giving my best the product don't work out in the market? What if I don't get as successful as I was in job? Or what if I am unable to meet expectations?"

What if leads to fear creeping in slowly in your mind creating doubts, ambiguities and killing your self-confidence.

I have seen best of entrepreneurs quit because of one of the fears or a mix of all leave, when they were inches away from success.

Again, how do you know you are inches away from success is a question no one can answer

Entrepreneurship is not easy.


All Entrepreneur have some fear or the other always following them.

That does not they get bogged down because of fear of failure and create an uncertain future for themselves.

They should stand up to their fears and overcome them instead of trying to cope up with them.

Success is not easy and Entrepreneurship is not easier.

As they say "No Pain no Gain"

So how good are you in handling your fear?

About the Author

I'm a part-time blogger and full-time entrepreneur. As per my experience, I'm sharing few tips on Digital Marketing, Healthcare, and entrepreneurship

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