What to Stay Away From When Working on Your Chest

Author: Brandon Fence
by Brandon Fence
Posted: Jul 17, 2017

Some people only give importance to the things they should do and forget about the things they should not do. Well, the two are equally important. Answering both the questions how to gain muscle fast and how to gain chest muscles without weights are not that complicated but here is a different answer. This article will tell you what not to do when you are trying to gain chest muscles and gain them fast. Before everything, here is an explanation on why it is equally important to stay away from certain things. Some things we do hinder the growth of our muscles or worse, actually damaging our body. Getting rid of all the luggages that add weight allows us to get further.

Here are a few things you should stay away from when working on your chest:

  1. Bad Posture

Bad posture is bad for you because your muscles instead of growing or being positioned in their natural form, they tend to position themselves in a way that conserves us energy or adds comfort. Comfort is not always good because comfort is relative. What might be comfortable for some might not be comfortable for others. Having the right posture comfortable or not allows your muscles to be in their perfect form where they do not deteriorate in performance. Comfort comes later on, you will get used to proper posture and feel comfortable once again.

  1. Bad Diet

Bad diet is always bad for not just your chest muscles but for your body in general. How to gain chest muscles fast? Focus on the entirety of your body. Everything follows. From your digestion to your blood flow, having a healthy body automatically helps your body be able to improve by conditioning and taking every workout with maximum utilization. Working out on a bad diet is like a sleepless student going to school. Yes you may learn, but not to your full potential.

  1. Smoking

Although this can be considered as part of a bad diet, smoking is something that is not good for your body at all. We all know the effects of smoking but for smokers, we do not seem to care. Here is the thing, we can either be addicted or disciplined. Decide which one are you and discover a piece of the puzzle how to gain muscles fast.

  1. Neglecting Needs

Sleep, stretching, conditioning, stamina, and endurance. These are things we need to watch out for. A lot of people tend to miss a couple of these needs and end up having a hard time to be able to achieve maximum results because of their lack in these areas. If you know you are lacking in a certain area, have the initiative to discipline yourself into improvement.

10xgains is a company dedicated in supplying the best workout supplements to help you cope up in areas which you lack which could be your bad diet. Change does not happen overnight, it happens every minute. The decisions you make define you. Discipline yourself and see how far you have improved.

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