Starter’s Guide on How to Gain Muscle Fast: The Chest

Author: Brandon Fence
by Brandon Fence
Posted: Jul 17, 2017

Working out can be a bit tricky for those who are not used to using their body in ways that benefit them instead of ways that slowly deteriorate their body. How to gain chest muscles without weights can be something we can look forward too because a naturally built chest does look better and at the same time is more flexible and makes you feel good. Even as a starter, how to gain muscles without weights should not scare you. The process is actually even more simple than you think.

Before you start, we want you to focus on a certain word, pain. What do you think when you hear the word, pain? A lot of people take this word in a very negative sense and want to steer away from pain as much as possible making them underachievers. Although pain is not always a good thing, pain is naturally just a challenge which you could either surpass or walk away. Accomplishing a certain challenge means improvement and improvement are always good for you. Moving forward is the key to success, it is about focusing on the challenge and not on finishing. The more you look forward to the finish line, you do not allow yourself to learn from the pain you are experiencing.

Why are we talking about pain? Because when you are working out, you have to accept and live in the moment of pain to be able to come out a champion. It is not just about how many reps you do but how much each repetition matters. How to gain muscle fast? Well, you probably got the picture by now.

"Most people want to avoid pain, and discipline is usually painful" - John C. Maxwell

Sad as it is, maybe the only thing that stands between you and success is discipline. Pain is nothing to you if you are disciplined. Because disciplined people do not just accept pain and hardships but do something about it. The sad part about most people is that they are so motivated to improve their physique but when that motivation runs out, they quit. Motivation is nothing compared to discipline because you can always find motivation through whatever you may be experiencing. It is a discipline that is so hard to cultivate.

The chest muscles are muscles that grow slowly but compared to every other muscle, this muscle is the first thing people notice unconsciously. Even though you may be clueless on how to gain muscles without weights, before you start any type of workout, make a commitment and discipline yourself to push through it no matter what. The chest muscles are a product of arm and full body exercises because you can not gain chest muscles directly through your chest. The chest is the product of your discipline. Once you have improved your chest, that is a sign of hard work and you should be proud. But right now, commit yourself to the idea disciplining yourself for the better future throughout any form of pain you may experience.

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