Why Spoken English is important for us?

Author: Sri Nithya
by Sri Nithya
Posted: Jul 17, 2017

English is a foreign language. In India, we speak lots of languages but Hindi is a national language. If you are bad at communication it affects your social life and promotions. Learn to speak, nowadays English is necessary for all the fields.

Tenses, Vocabulary and Grammar are mandatory to make a perfect sentence. Few of them are repeating the same words because they are comfortable with those words. It is necessary to learn new words to improve your Spoken English. At the same time, you have to use the words correctly at the proper accent. The majority of the people are well-versed in this language, only a few people are lagging in this language.

Fluency in English gives a great benefit for every people. In India, every educated person is not fluent in Spoken English, so that they face some issues in their interviews.

Improve your communication with best Spoken English Course in Chennai. Every year millions of people are completing their graduate but everyone doesn’t get a job, they are rejected because of poor communication. Without proper communication, no one is going to hire you. Learn how to speak in a better way with special guidance.

Avoid Shyness

English has been spoken over almost 53 countries. Avoid your shyness while speaking with others. Unbreakable speech gives a wonderful opinion about your communication and no one will notice your mistakes. If your speech breaks it shows your fear and disappointment. Learn to speak, practice new words in your day to day life and become a good communicator.

Love to Learn

Absorb everything and try to translate it in your own words, then you will become excellent in communication. If you love to learn, you will enjoy while communicating with your friends and neighbors. If a person is listening to your speech, it should be meaningful and worthful. Be bold while speaking with others and speak in English continuously 20 minutes per day.

Read Newspapers

Make a habit of reading books, newspapers, magazines in your daily life. If we do it regularly, you will be good at English and also you will come to know where to use the words. Continuous reading will be beneficial for you.

Some tips to get a better fluency

  1. Avoid repetition of same words while speaking
  2. Practice reading English novels every day
  3. Watch English movies with subtitles
  4. Listen to debates and discussions
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