Manage Guests with Ease for Your Wedding and Say Goodbye to Last Minute Hassles

Author: Aashka Parikh
by Aashka Parikh
Posted: Jul 17, 2017

Its almost an adage, that planning a Big Fat Indian Wedding looks like an easy job to do; but really is an uphill task. It takes months to plan a chain of events that finally lead to the wedding day and as the potential bridegroom, you want all of the events; right from the Engagement to the Sangeet, from Haldi to even the Chooda ceremony, to be worthy of remembrance. You want it all to be like a fairytale and feel like a pair of Prince and Princess on the most special day of your life.

To put all of this to implementation, you need the help of pioneers in the wedding industry who know their business and understand your brief, in addition to helping you deal with things that might feel to be all over the place.

A boon for destination weddings

To your rescue, you have wedding planner apps that let you take control of your wedding without seeming like a control freak.

Wedding plannerapps like Moments has made its mission to be the best friend a bridegroom needs on their big day.

If you have been unaware about the silver lining that wedding planning apps like Moments has been to the clouds of weddings, know this; these are God-sent blessings!

So, they not only let you run chores like take care of guest travels, their accommodation, food and lodging according to their name, age, relation to you and date of arrival and departure on a very simple and user friendly mobile app. This might seem like a great feature to people who have relatives coming in from far off places; but this is a boon in disguise for people who wish to have a destination wedding. What hotel room to be allotted to who, their Age, ID Proof, Arrival & Departure Date & Time, etc. can all be managed on the wedding planner app.

For destination weddings, wedding planning apps provide on ground support too!

To make destination weddings an even fantastic event, established wedding planning apps like Moments app makes sure that the details of each function is available to your guests and can be customised (for differentiating between friends, family and relatives) as per your choice.

Because pictures say it all!

Every couple is different; and Moments app realises this. Owing to this, the bridegroom can have their own fairytale wedding where they can share their wedding story and couple bio with their near and dear ones. Your friends, relatives and mates will get your wedding feed including photos and videos without any glitch.

What’s more, your friends and family can participate in this too!

They can send you compliment and wishes in video or audio and it will remain a memory forever.

Also, the pictures and videos that are taken during the course of the wedding can be accessible to all the people the bridegroom authorise to.

So, the wedding planner app is the latest way to stay in vogue as you get married; not to mention, a trend that will take a lot of things off of your hands!

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