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How to Fix If Facebook Won't Allow you to Log In

Author: Sarah Lee
by Sarah Lee
Posted: Jul 28, 2017
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There are a variety of circumstances may be the reason of inability to log into the Facebook website. Facebook profiles illustrate high-value objectives for intruders who may want to get your account information. If the account is hacked, they can change the password to stop you from accessing the account. Otherwise, you could just have provided the incorrect password or tried to sign in at a time while the Facebook website is going through the maintenance past. Sometimes, an intermittent Internet connection or the blocked account can also be the reason of the Facebook sign in issues. In such a case, you can find the correct cause of the issues from experts by dialing the Facebook customer service phone number.

Can’t Sign into the Facebook – Know How to Fix It?

Whenever you’re not allowed to log into the Facebook, you should first try to find out the exact reason of the login problems. To do so, check the process:

Fix 1 - Wrong Password

The best possible cause for being unable to sign into the Facebook account is a wrong password. Keep in mind that the Facebook password is case sensitive. So when entering it, make sure that the ‘Caps Lock’ function on the keyboard is not turned on. If you forgot your Facebook account password, click on the link labeled as ‘Forgot your password’ just under the password field. After providing some details to discover your account, you will be assisted by Facebook to reset the password via text message, email or a phone call. When you enter the password, you will get a reset code that helps you change the password and sign in the Facebook account.

Fix 2 – Facebook Maintenance

Facebook regularly implements maintenance on the website that may stop you from signing into the account. If you see an error stating the ‘Facebook will be back soon’ while trying to sign in, it means that the maintenance affects your account. Since the maintenance doesn’t have an impact on all accounts all at once, other Facebook users may be able to sign into their accounts, which can give an indication that there is something incorrect with the account. It is a temporary issue, and you will be able to sign into the account as normal once the maintenance process is finished.

Fix 3 - Internet Connection

Sometimes, a slow or unstable Internet connection can be the cause of Facebook login problems. If you have correctly entered the login credentials, but can’t sign into the account, it might happen that the details aren’t reaching the Facebook. If you’re using the Wi-Fi network, then check the signal strength and ensure that there are no big downloads taken place that can engage the bandwidth. Also, check that your web browser isn’t in Offline mode.

Fix 4 - Hacked Account

If you’re certain that you have typed the valid login credentials but still can’t sign into the account, it is likely that it has been hacked. Address about your hacked account to the Facebook and then submit a request to find out the account. Facebook will ask you to type the current/old password. You can then input a new account password. After continuing some simple steps, you will be able to unlock and sign into the account.

Fix 5 – Suspended Account

If you try to sign into the account and gets an error message about the account suspension, it means that you’re disturbed one of the Community Standards of Facebook. For these abuses, Facebook first gives you a warning; however, most of the violations may cause an instant suspension. If Facebook has recognized any suspicious activity, your Facebook account may also be suspended temporarily. Click on the ‘Begin process’ option and continue with the guide to get access to your Facebook account again.

Other Considerations

Sometimes, browser related issues or the antivirus program installed on your PC can also stop you from reaching the websites. If the above-given solutions fail to eliminate the Facebook login problems, it is highly advised to call on the Facebook contact number to get rid of several issues under the supervision of high tech professionals.


Various circumstances may contribute to the inability to access the Facebook account. If you’re unable to sign into the account, there are many reasons, such as wrong password, hacked account, slow Internet connection, and account suspension that you can put to blame. The information provided in this article is the perfect submission and solutions of your all Facebook related problems. For additional support and accurate solutions, you can also consult with the Facebook customer service experts via the phone to get immediate resolutions.

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