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Evolution of Video Conference Rooms

Author: Ashu Agarwa
by Ashu Agarwa
Posted: Aug 03, 2017

The video conferencing technology has witnessed a huge transformation, reinventing itself with superior tools and empowering enterprises to make the most of it. Earlier, such systems were restricted to only large companies who required complex systems for internal communication. However, now due to the significant development of video conference with cloud computing, even medium and small sized businesses are able to boost their company’s productivity while still within their budget.

Video Conferencing Then and Now

Video conference was created with a simple concept and i.e. to perform business meetings face to face even when the people were not present at that particular place. Because conversations are more effective when its face to face. It help the parties communicate in a natural manner. This is the reason why video conference became the core of every business, making face-to-face meetings accessible.

Still this solution was not ubiquitous back then and the main reason behind this was technological limitations. Years ago, conference rooms were not the same and not so were the equipments that are today being combined in the video conference rooms so as to enhance user experience.

How Did This Evolution Happen?

It was in the late 1980s when video conferencing made its way and at this point many companies were attracted by the idea and wanted to dominate this landscape. But, as mentioned earlier the technology during that era wasn't really as developed as it is today. The solutions that was provided by a majority of companies were either too heavy or built on complex hardware systems. Without a doubt, this made the systems expensive and required the assistance of specialized experts along with management by IT teams.

In the light of these complications, only a fraction of businesses adopted the idea of video conferencing rooms, primarily the established ones that had a massive budget.

Fortunately, times have changed and they have for good. With the implementation of web conferencing, cloud servers and other advance devices, video conference evolved to be a common tool for almost any enterprise. Not only it is more accessible than ever, but they are equipped with an array of features ranging from document sharing, screen sharing, messaging and more that allows people to perform meeting in groups even when they are located at different places.

Despite of the developments, there was yet one factor left to be encountered and that is cost. To overcome this problem, reliable companies entered into the market, offering a virtual space to offices where they could take all the advantage of a well-equipped premise without having to purchase them.

All they had to do is choose the appropriate services that they required along with a suitable package and this allowed them to have an incredible video conferencing room without having to spend a lot for the same.

The present technology has indeed resulted into a remarkable change for innumerable companies, where meeting rooms have become smaller but the productivity has turn out to be larger.

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Author: Ashu Agarwa

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