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Why Headaches May Be a Sign of Eye Trouble

Author: Carrie Bradshaw
by Carrie Bradshaw
Posted: Aug 09, 2017

Are you experiencing headaches that are sharp, dull or throbbing? Do these headaches occur after you write or read, gaze at objects at a long distance, or use a computer? You may have a problem with your eyes. Since the eye and the brain are strongly connected, it’s actually quite common that eye problems can result in headaches. Check out these effects of eye problems on your health and see if procedures like PRK laser eye surgery in Puyallup can help correct them.

Eye and Brain Functions

The eye operates by processing an image through its individual layers, starting from the lens and working back through the eye to the retina, which then transfers the image to the optic nerve. From there, the optic nerve sends the image to the brain. The two components of the eye that allow it to focus are the cornea and the lens. The cornea, the lens and the retina are all crucial components in your sight. If any of them have problems, this can result in headaches and a possible LASIK or PRK laser eye surgery in Puyallup to correct the problem.

Eye Maladies

There are a number of eye problems that can cause headaches. Astigmatism causes a cornea, which is normally smooth, to be evenly curved or rough, creating refractive errors that make the person strain to see, which can generate headaches. Farsightedness which impact the eye’s ability to see up close, or nearsightedness, which makes it hard to see far away, can also cause eye strain and headaches to result. Additionally, glaucoma causes buildups of fluid on the eye, which creates pressure on the eye and damages the optic nerve, which can result in a severe headache. Optic nerves can also be affected by papilledema, a malady that can be caused by a number of brain ailments like meningitis, brain tumors, internal bleeding in the brain and abscesses.

Determining the Cause and Treatment

Go to your doctor to find the proper cause of your headaches. If it is an eye related problem, your doctor will recommend the proper course of treatment. Astigmatism, nearsightedness or farsightedness can be corrected with LASIK or PRK laser eye surgery in Puyallup. Consult with your doctor to see which procedure is right for you. If the problem is not with your eyes, you may be referred to a different doctor.

Frequent headaches can be a sign there’s something wrong with your eyes. Check with your doctor and see if there’s an eye problem that proper laser eye surgery can correct and help restore you to proper health.

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