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Points to Check When Buying a Load Cell

Author: Senso Matic
by Senso Matic
Posted: Aug 09, 2017
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Buying Rugged & Reliable Engineering Products means high investment. That in itself makes it necessary for a buyer to be cautious and informed about their choice of picks. When it comes to load cells, there are plenty of things to be mindful about. All these things together warranty a worthy purchase. Ahead in this article, you will read about a few factors that need a thorough go-through before you make the purchase. If you can check out all these factors in a particular load cell, consider that you have found what you were looking for.

Capacity Selection: As per Standard norms, it is recommended to use the Loadcell upto 80% of the capacity range in case of Static Load & 50-60% of the capacity range in case of dynamic load. This Increases the fatigue life of loadcells. Most cells offers safe overload protection for up to 150% the load capacity of the cell. If your load exceeds that mark, there is a good deal of chance that your Loadcell fails permanently.


We all use watches, but chronographic timing is not something we all need. Similarly in load cells, accuracy is often infinitesimally variable. Although it sounds inconsequential, for some applications, that matter a lot. Accuracy is what makes it so important to pick the right load cell for a certain application. There are apparatuses that offer 0.01% accuracy for a load weighing a 100 lbs. So, the output will always be +/-0.03% accurate.

Thermal Conditions

The operating conditions is one of the key considerations when buying a load cell. Although almost all of them is tolerant to a certain temperature degree, you still need to be very specific in this. Ask yourself if the intended use will take place in a controlled or harsh environment. If so, then what’s the room temperature going to be. Is it going to be an environment in which humidity and temperature fluctuate too much?

Measuring Duration

All buyers must be informed about the stability of a load cell when it comes to measurement duration. The stability of the system changes with long and short term conditions of testing. Accuracy of the measurement goes up in cases where the scale is zeroed and then loaded. The accuracy goes down when the scale is perpetually loaded with some weight. Also, changing temperature affects the output too.

Response Time

There are certain industrial applications in which speedy reading is necessary. The Response time is Inversely proportional to the deflection, the more the deflection, the higher will be the response time. This is directly attributed to the Design of the loadcell.

Loading Direction

Lastly, the loading direction is the fifth of the most important considerations of a load cell. In most cases, it is in a single direction, i.e., compression or tension. Only few Loadcells are designed for Universal application i.e. both in Tension & Compression mode.

About the Company:

Sensomatic manufacture a wide range of high precision load cells for various Industrial application in India. Our range includes S-type load cell, Shear beam load cell, Double ended load cell, Compression load cell, Stainless steel load cell, Weighbridge load cell and many more.

About the Author

Sensomatic manufacture a wide range of high precision load cells for various Industrial application in India.

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