Private Jets and Their Real Advantages

Author: Kate Prosha
by Kate Prosha
Posted: Aug 30, 2017

The True Reasons of Travelling with Private Charter Planes

It is no secret that flying with jet charter plane options becomes more and more popular today. Charter plane can actually give thousands of reasons to use such service, but according to Chicago experts some of the main include shorter time on the ground and in the air, convenience, flexibility, and some others, In the article below we aimed to describe these main advantages to explain you the true benefits of jet charter flights.

Time saving is deservedly called one of the most important benefits of flying with charter plane services from Chicago. It is a well known fact, that O’Hare airport has millions of passengers every day which creates huge lines for passport and luggage checks not even mentioning lines for the boarding. Depending on your choice of a charter plane Chicago companies offer you can save a lot of time. Most frequently it starts from the land waiting, and coming earlier to an airport. With jet charter plane there is no need in coming so far before, you are allowed to come around 30 minutes prior to the flight for all registrations and checks. It means that you save not only your time but also nerves while not standing in lines.

Moreover, you also save time on flight time. As charter plane is frequently constructed to be lighter than regular planes, it is able to fly at higher speeds and so take you to your destination much faster.

Convenience – With regular flights you will land only in the major airports of the country, whereas using private jet charter plane will allow you to land closer to your destination and even use any of the private airports or landing lines in Santa Monica, Chicago or any other city of the world. Furthermore, private charter plane policy allows you to take with you everything you need, no limits in terms of sizes or shapes of your sport equipment or any other non-standard shape/size products will be a problem on a private jet. So, let’s say you need to fly your wedding photographer from Chicago to New York at short notice – he or she will be able to take all required cameras, batteries and anything else on the plane without being checked or confiscated to ensure that your session goes well. Isn’t it perfect?

Flexibility – Today there is no problem in booking a jet charter in Santa Monica, for instance, a couple of hours prior to the departure. It means that you can flight whenever it is comfortable for you and wherever you need to. Do not be afraid of being late or not catching a flight anymore, because charter plane flights will wait for you under any circumstances, as you are their main client. On top of that, you can change your destination point even during the flight. Be flexible and easy to travel with a private jet charter plane!

Some other important benefits may include the highest quality of service on board of private jet planes or increased privacy owing to the small number of passengers. And don’t get scared that private charter flights cost a fortune because that’s a myth wondering around for many decades. Today private flight got more affordable than ever!

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