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ST Announces Robust and Reliable USB Type-C?? Controller

Author: Jeames Li
by Jeames Li
Posted: Aug 16, 2017

STMicroelectronics has introduced two new USB Type-C ™ standard certified port controller chips. The new product built-in protection circuitry helps designers achieve cost-effective interfaces that support USB integration requirements, including Power Negotiation, Managed Active Cables, and Guest Protocols stand by).

USB Type-C standard provisions of the cable can be positive and negative plug, so that the interconnection of various devices become more simple. The Type-C interface also supports all USB features, including 480Mbps USB 2.0 and 10Gbps USB 3.1 data transfer; 5V / 0.5A, up to 20V / 5.0A power supply; extended connection distance of Managed Active Cables active cable management; with the same cable Transmission of HDMI or DisplayPort and other protocol signals in alternating mode. Allowing users to connect more easily, to ensure that each line is connected correctly, need to use more complex interface components. In addition, the power supply function of the 20V maximum bus voltage (VBUS) requires additional circuitry to protect the low voltage circuit.

STMicroelectronics' new control chip simplifies the design of the designer, one of which is a dedicated control chip for the downstream port (DFP), and the other is a dual-role port (DRP) controller that can be used to control downstream ports (DFP), And can be used to control the uplink port (UFP). Two new products support Type-C cable connection and interface direction detection, the operating voltage range of 3V to 22V, no external regulator, which can reduce the number of components, saving board space. Using STMicroelectronics' high-performance analog CMOS process, the new USB Type-C controller combines low power and robustness and high voltage advantages. CC line overvoltage protection up to 22V, high voltage pin up to 28V, if the accident on the VBUS short circuit, overvoltage protection mechanism to prevent the circuit burned. VBUS and VCONN power lines also have a single chip discharge circuit, allowing users to safely pull out the cable

The STUSB4710 DFP controller is primarily used for power supply terminals such as AC power adapters, power supplies, USB HUB splitter, cradle, smart plugs, and displays. This chip integrates all the circuitry needed to shake hands with the connected device, supporting up to five deliveries (Power Delivery Profiles). Through the internal non-volatile memory, the parameters can be fully customized to deal with the entire connection process, no external CPU intervention, it can be used directly, without additional hardware and software. If it is a multi-port application (for example, a dragline), through a I²C interface, multiple STUSB4710 chips can be connected to a microcontroller (MCU) to implement the power allocation algorithm.

STUSB1602 can manage USB Type-C ports in power supplies or devices. On-chip configuration channel (CC) control logic can manage the entire connection establishment process, including selecting VBUS default, medium or high current mode. In addition, the chip also integrates a protected programmable 600mA VCONN power switch to support accessories and active cables. STUSB1602 also implements a USB PD physical layer (including biphase tagged IP) that supports external microcontrollers to implement the transport software stack. The hardware and software are certified via USB PD 2.0 receiving terminal and power supply terminal. In addition, the product is compatible with USB PD 3.0 core features and most options. STUSB1602 supports attachment mode and battery no power mode.

The product is available in 4mm x 4mm QFN24 package.

The STUSB1602 evaluation board (P-NUCLEO-USB002) includes the STM32F0 microcontroller and a type-C cable.

STUSB4710 evaluation board (STEVAL-ISC003V1) built-in DC / DC converter

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