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Better Intimacy Now with a Healthier, More Responsive Manhood

Author: John Dugan
by John Dugan
Posted: Mar 16, 2014

With all the time and effort it takes to woo a potential partner, most guys are expecting to be rewarded with a mind-blowing first encounter, to be followed by another, and another, and another. However, reality doesn’t always live up to expectations – and in many cases, the condition of the manhood is to blame. An unhealthy-looking, unresponsive tool is unlikely to bring much pleasure to either partner, meaning the first encounter might also be the last. To avoid this awkward problem, guys who want to get busy daily need to get serious about their male organ care.

A Treat for the Eyes

Sensual activity is often described in purely physical terms, and there's no doubt that couples who get it on expend a huge amount of physical effort in order to reach that peak of pleasure. But the early stages of an encounter can involve an awful lot of gawking. Flirty couples may have spent hours thinking about the body underneath the clothes of a potential partner, and it goes without saying that they'll take a moment to do a visual inspection to confirm their fantasies when the clothes hit the floor.

Since intimacy is so very visual, it's vital for guys to keep their junk in tip-top shape. Rough, bumpy, veiny skin could make a partner nervous enough to stop the fun. On the other hand, skin that is smooth, vibrant and healthy skin could make a partner eager for another go; therefore, attention to the appearance of the skin can go a long way toward earning a man another round.

A Pleasure in the Sheets

Passing a visual check is vital, but men must also be able to deliver the goods. Unfortunately, those who haven't been kind to the manhood might have a tool that's dull and insensitive, and that might mean a session that:

  • Goes on and on, with no resolution
  • Involves twisting or turning
  • Is painful for the recipient
  • Leads to a loss of tumescence long before either party is satisfied

Men who just can't feel what they're doing down below are almost certain to be incapable of bringing another person pleasure. They're just thrusting along blindly, and sometimes, the weird and wild things they must do in order to feel pleasure are off-putting to a partner.

Supporting male organ health

Soft, supple skin is a must for a beautiful boner. But those guys who hope to loofah away their dry and roughened skin should think again. The skin cells down there are delicate and sensitive, and they don't respond favorably to abrasive treatments that a person might use on the face and hands. On the other hand, working from the inside out by nourishing the skin and caring for it properly can leave the manhood looking youthful and vibrant.

Drinking an adequate amount of water is vital, as hydrated skin tends to be plump and full-looking. Eight glasses of water per day, mixed in with fluids a man might drink during meals, is typically considered the gold standard in terms of skin health.

Cleansing, of course, is another essential step. A daily shower to remove dead skin cells, dried-on body fluids and other unpleasant materials can leave the skin smooth and fresh. Following the shower with a male organ health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can also support healthy, vibrant tissue. These products can soften the skin and nourish the cells, so the skin can stretch to its heights and feel each tingle of pleasure. The vitamins in products like this can also boost blood flow and immune system function. With regular application of a quality product, a man can support overall male organ health, as well as ensuring that the manhood looks and feels its best.

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