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Yachting Safety Equipment Checks

Author: Samuel Mayer
by Samuel Mayer
Posted: Aug 23, 2017

Safety is always a priority in everything we do. This includes boating particularly when you’re planning for long-distance cruising or when you’re pulling off your cruiser yacht from a winter storage. Practicing simple safety measure and taking proper precautions can help prevent accidents and can even save a life.

Below is a short and simple checklist that should not be taken for granted because this can help you keep safe in and out of the water. The list is flexible, so feel free to add to it and share it with your fellow boat owners or enthusiasts.

  • Keep your life jackets in good condition

Floatation devices such as life jackets are subjected to the heat of the sun and the harshness of the salt which can cause damage to the jacket. Make sure that your flotation device remains in prime condition. If there’s any doubt with the condition, don’t hesitate to replace them with new ones. Remember, safety should always be a priority.

  • Properly inspect and maintain your fire extinguisher

Fire emergencies can be a risk not just on land but also on the water. This is why it’s important to always check your fire extinguisher and make sure brackets still hold the extinguisher securely.

Fire extinguishers that have been stored for quite some time can have fire-retardant power at the bottom, so give your extinguisher a good share to lose it.

  • Examine the batteries and replace them if necessary

Batteries may be low or even dead after being idle during the winter season. Plug in all rechargeable batteries overnight to charge it and buy spare fresh batteries if necessary. Batteries may also vary depending on the type, size, climate, and equipment load so battery maintenance should be adjusted accordingly.

  • Keep your navigation lights fresh

Whether your sports yacht is new or not, it’s always a good idea to check your navigation lights, such as brake and signal lights, and make sure they are working. There are now great apps that can assist you with your navigation test.

  • Do not forget to check your bilge pump

Every year, there’s a growing number of boat sinking because of neglected maintenance. So make sure to check your bilge pump one in a while. Over time, the bilge can contain dirt and some small bits of debris. The best preventive maintenance is to clean it regularly. You may also consider acquiring an emergency high capacity pump to handle larger volumes of water leaks. This can make a big difference in managing emergency situations.

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