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The USMLE Step 2 Has Two Phases – Are You Ready for Both?

Author: Jacob Santner
by Jacob Santner
Posted: Aug 28, 2017

You’ve always dreamt about becoming a doctor and in order to practice medicine in the United States, you must be properly licensed. You are in medical school and everything is going good so far. You have already completed step 1 of the United States Medical Licensing Exam, but you understand from your peers that step 2 is much more intensive. You want to pass this step the first time, and there are USMLE step 2 tutors who can help. Here’s how.

Assess Your Strengths

When you work with a tutoring company that staffs only the best tutors in the nation, you know for certain that these people have been in your shoes and understand the pressure you’re under currently. For example, the USMLE step 2 CK tutor can help you with this specific portion of the test. Either way, the best tutors will have a one-on-one discussion with you first, where they will go over your educational records and your experience to assess your strengths.

Assess Your Weaknesses

After they’ve determined where you are strong, USMLE step 2 tutors will begin to ask you the tough questions. You’ll pass the test where your strengths lie; it’s your weaknesses about which you need to worry. The tutors must determine exactly where it is you’re lacking in confidence, education and skill set. The only way to overcome your weaknesses is to identify them. So be prepared to admit where you fall short, even if it does bother you.

Focus on Those Weaknesses

The reason why it is so critical to determine where your weaknesses lie is so that you can focus on them prior to your exam. You and your tutor will set studying goals to ensure you strengthen any weak areas before you walk into the examination room. This is the whole purpose of tutoring: Identifying and then addressing problem areas through additional pinpointed study to make certain you feel confident within your weak areas before you schedule your step 2 tests.

Overcome Those Weaknesses

The more you focus your studying on overcoming the weaknesses, and the more you achieve the goals sets by your tutor, the more confident you will become. usmle step 2 tutors want you to walk into that exam room certain you will pass the test. This is that their goal and this is your goal, and when you work together to identify your strengths and improve your weaknesses, you have a win-win situation on exam day that is sure to help you move quickly to the final USMLE step, which is step 3.

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