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Three Things You Can Do to Increase Your Metabolism at the Gym

Author: Brandon Fence
by Brandon Fence
Posted: Aug 28, 2017
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There may be a lot of how to gain muscle fast advices out there but there are only a few of them that talk about your metabolism. There are also a lot of ways to build muscle with no weights but most people are not that interested on how to build muscle with no weights because all they want to know is how to gain muscle fast. And speaking of the word "fast", well, metabolism is the key! Now what is metabolism?

Metabolism is how fast and how efficient your body works, you may work out the whole day but if your metabolism is not in play, you may still not be able to utilize the whole day worth of working out. Metabolism is very important because without a fast metabolism, you will not be able to both burn and build at the same time. Your metabolism has to be functioning at top condition if you are going for that build that is both massive and lean at the same time.

Here are a few ways in which you can increase your metabolism at the gym:

  • Do cardio

Cardio is the backbone of your metabolism. Why is this so? Well, cardio allows the body heat to go up and at the same time exercises your heart to pump more oxygen all throughout your body. Now, what happens when your body gets enough oxygen? Well, what happens is that your body is then able to function at it’s peak condition! That is right, even your metabolism is able to function better once you keep a healthy cardio.

Now, cardio is well known for being able to burn fat but as you are actually burning fat, your body heat is increasing and along with your body heat, your metabolism is also getting faster as you do more cardio. Doing a healthy balance of cardio every now and then keeps the metabolism functioning even though it is just resting. Doing this may prevent you from gaining unwanted weight without actually having to seriously burn them off every now and then.

  • Do intensive and aggressive workouts

Doing aggressive workout to build muscle with no weights does not just build muscle but also keeps your metabolism functioning faster and more efficient. Even though we are telling you not to do it slow and steady, you always have to put health and safety as a priority. Never push yourself too much into an intensive and aggressive workout that you end up damaging your body to the point of no return.

Aggressive workouts tend to build muscle fast and if you are still asking yourself how to gain muscle fast, well, then this is the answer. Pushing yourself farther and farther from where you have started everyday should be your goal as you are also constantly pushing your metabolism farther and farther to function towards your benefit.

  • Build muscle with no weights

Weights tend to hold down your metabolism, why? Because weights may be heavy, they are not aggressive, and it is aggressiveness and intensity that we both need if we are trying to be able to build muscle fast and increase your metabolism at the same time. Weights are heavy, meaning they make you move slower which is not good for your metabolism.

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