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A Less Spicy Malaysian Curry - Chicken Kapitan

Author: Wendy Aguiza
by Wendy Aguiza
Posted: Mar 17, 2014

There is a misconception among many non Asian that all curries are fiery hot, and requires glasses of cold water to subdue the burning sensation on your tongue.

If you are among the lot that think like this, I have a very good news for you.There is a wonderfully flavored curry originated from Malaysia that is milder, and yet full with excellent flavor of a myriad of spices and herbs that you expected from an unique oriental dish.This is one of the most renowned dishes served in most Nyonya eateries.

The name Kapitan chicken has been known since the colony time in the 15th centuries. Based on the Malaysian history, Legend has it one of the Chinese cook of a ship owned by the British was wanting to understand how to cook the native cuisine.He knew that there was another Malay lady who can cook wonderfully in the same ship. He decided to ask from the lady on the way to cook the dish that she was preparing for dinner. The Malay lady said she was preparing a classic curry dish, and show him how to cook.

After he learned from the Malay woman, he made a decision to change the flavor according to his preference. He improvised the recipe by drastically lessened the amount of chili and included some Chinese ingredients.When the captain asked him to cooked food for his visitors, he decided to go ahead and take risks to dished up this new creation to the captain and his visitors during the dinner.To his astonishment, the captain liked it very much and the got raved critique from all his guests.The captain ask him what is the name of the dish.The chef wanted to please the captain so he quickly said that it was captain's chicken. The name of this dish has since stuck among the locals until today.

The key characteristic of chicken kapitan is the use of the classic Malay herbs and spices but less spicy as when compared to classic Malay curry.It has a unique Nyonya flavor as a result of the combination of lemongrass, galangal (a type of ginger, also all blue ginger ), turmeric ( the regional terms it as yellow ginger ), coconut milk and belacan (local shrimp paste).It is unlike the Malay and Indian curry as not only it is cooked with less chili, but is also the mix of spices used.Some of the less commonly used spices among the Chinese such as fenugreek, cumin and fennel are omitted from the recipe. Rather, belacan is added in a small amount with abundance of coconut milk.

Kapitan chicken is a curry dish which is ideal for individuals from every part of the world who do not want to food that is too spicy. It is especially ideal for people who like curry but is concerned about the fiercely hot experience.Kapitan chicken is ideal to eat along with plain rice or flat bread. It has a thick gravy and is most suitable to serve with rice or breads.You can log on to for more info about Malaysian food, and download some recipes to experience this new and amazing cuisine.

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