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How To Access Google Takeout MBOX Files In Thunderbird User Profile?

Author: Barry Scholfield
by Barry Scholfield
Posted: Sep 04, 2017

This is a post that mentions all the steps to move a MBOX file from Gmail Takeout to Thunderbird. It describes in brief manual solution to transfer emails from Gmail to Thunderbird. Also, read about an automated solution to make the entire task much easier.

MBOX is a file format used for storing emails in a single file.mbox extension. It is a popular way to store email messages for many popular email clients. These emailing applications include Eudora, Mac Mail, Spice Bird, Pocomail, Gmail, and Thunderbird. It is an apt storage file that can store all email messages with attachments in a single file. MBOX format is a portable file and can be taken to another system across platforms. The file format is compatible with Unix, Linux, Macintosh and Windows operating system. The MBOX file can be used as an intermediary to transfer emails from Gmail to Thunderbird. It is a file format produced by Google takeout method to store Gmail emails in a single file.

Need to Import Google Takeout MBOX Files in Thunderbird

There are multiple reasons to use Thunderbird instead on Google Mail application. It is a very popular email client that is available in many languages for Linux, Mac and Windows computer. It is a single email application that performs personal information management. It allows users to create, send and receive emails. It can also create calendars, contacts, events, tasks etc. These features influence people to replace their mailbox from Gmail with Thunderbird. Following are other reasons to export Google Mail mailbox to Mozilla Thunderbird application:

  • Email Encryption: Thunderbird allows encryption of individual messages which is not possible when using Gmail account.

  • Multiple Mailbox support: Thunderbird can have more than one Gmail profile configured under it. It can store multiple mailboxes from different IMAP and POP3 accounts.

There is a lot of discussion going on regarding the movement of emails from Gmail to Thunderbird. There are message boards filled with queries from users around the globe asking for solutions to import Gmail MBOX to Thunderbird. Here are some of the few of the questions asked by Gmail users:

  • My Gmail mailbox folder has started to grow large in size. Many of my emails are sent back to the server because of this. I have heard that Thunderbird allows its users to compact mailboxes by removing attachments without deleting the original email. This feature can be useful in saving space in large mailboxes. Gmail has offered me only 10GB of free storage. I need to create a MBOX repository so that I can free up some space in Google server mailbox. Can you help me with this?’
  • I have a MBOX file from Google takeout from my client’s account. He has asked me to Import Gmail MBOX to Thunderbird. I am just a low-level assistant. I have no idea on how to move around emails let alone import MBOX. The manual solutions are not clear as to what exactly needs to be done. Is there an easier way to do this? Any help would be appreciated.’

Alternative Solution: Using a Third Party Tool

There is no direct approach available to move Gmail emails to Thunderbird manually. The solutions available involve performing steps that confuse a non-technical user. It is not easy to understand how email data files work for everyone. For those struggling to Import Gmail MBOX to Thunderbird, there are automatic solutions available. These are third-party software solutions that make the entire task very easy. It can take MBOX file from any application and import it to Thunderbird. One such professional tool is the Thunderbird Importer.

  • Move multiple.mbox files collectively in a batch to Thunderbird user profile.

  • Move unlimited emails with attachments without affecting folder hierarchy.

  • Email properties and formatting are kept intact maintaining the data integrity.

  • No data loss in moving email files from Google Mail to Thunderbird.

  • Compatible with all latest versions of Windows including Win 10/8.1/8/7 and below.

  • Thunderbird installation is a must to perform the migration from Gmail to Thunderbird.

Final Words

Moving emails from one platform to another can be a very tiring task. It can take long hours and a lot of worries whether the exported file will have the exact outcomes as needed. Many times emails are not in right order or correct formatting and ruin the whole idea behind email migration. Users must completely understand the risks involved before undertaking such perilous tasks. For those, still wondering on how to access Google takeout MBOX files in Thunderbird user profile this post has all the details.

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