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How To Differentiate Drawing Room From A Living Room

Author: Interiorsmade Eezzy
by Interiorsmade Eezzy
Posted: Sep 01, 2017
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Many people mistake a living room for a drawing room and vice-versa. In fact, most of them do not even know what differentiates one room from the other and utilize their drawing rooms as a living room. However, they are not to be blamed because due to lack of space in houses, many of them have simply no other option but to skip the idea of having a living room in their house and use drawing room as a living room instead. However, if your house is spacious then you need to understand how and why a living room is different from a drawing room so that you can decorate both of these rooms in a different manner.

This article is composed with intention to highlight the differences between the both for reader's information. Read on to know more about it.

Difference In Functionality: Living room, also called as a sitting room or a lounge, is more of a casual place in your home in which you and your near and dear ones spend time together to relax and hold a conversation. You can read newspapers, journals, watch movies or sports, in this room together in a relaxed mode. Drawing room, on the other hand, is more of a "formal" space which is designed to entertain your guests. This place is not meant to be a relaxing and entertaining room for homeowners, but as a sophisticated room for your guests.

Difference In Decor: Since living room is the place which is mainly designated for family members, friends, and relatives, you can use Cheap Chairs For Living Room to enhance the aesthetics as well as to add to its functionality. Whereas chairs are a big no for drawing rooms as this room ideally is meant to pamper guests with top of the line, comfortable sofas, imparting a more luxurious look to your drawing room. In short, you can afford to add chairs and recliners to your living room but drawing room asks for more sophisticated set of premium quality furniture.

Difference In Location: The two rooms can also be distinguished judging by their location in the house. Drawing room is typically located near the main entrance of the house and close to the front door. Idea is to let guests easily access it without crossing through other rooms. It also doesn't interfere with the privacy of other rooms. Living room can be found at the central location of the house and with Unique Chairs For Living Room making it easily identifiable. Many homeowners prefer to decorate their living rooms with simple pieces like chairs, recliners, coffee tables, etc. So, it would be fair to say that the living room is a scaled down version of a drawing room, with more simple and functional furniture added to it.

Coming to conclusion, it is expected that this article has helped readers to know the main points of difference between the both so that they do not use these terms interchangeably. There's a difference between the function and decor of the both, which you have found out after going through this informative piece.

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