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Engineering Drawing Software

Author: Srisai Vamsi
by Srisai Vamsi
Posted: Dec 08, 2018
engineering drawing

Before entering into the discussion regarding Engineering Drawing Software, we should take a look at the history of engineering drawing. In past days engineers used to draw manually with the help of drafter and pencil on a drawing sheet. It was too time-consuming. When any fault occurs in that drawing, they need to replace it by drawing it completely once again.

But from the beginning of the 1960s engineering drawing software has reduced the time to make an engineering drawing. Nowadays engineering drawing is made with the help of CAD software in a computer.CAD is the acronym for computer-aided design. The use of computer technology for design and design documentation is called CAD. Sometimes it is called Computer-aided design and drafting(CADD) too.

Engineering drawing software has replaced manual drawing with an automated process. Modern-day engineering drawing software ranges from 2D drafting systems to 3D solid and surface modelers. The engineering drawing software also allows points line, thickness, layers, curves, shapes, rotation of 3D objects, view of 3D objects from various angles and we can also look the inside of the drawing objects with the help of CAD software.

Engineering drawing software is used for the design of all kinds of machines, all types of buildings starting from residential complexes to large industries. Engineering drawing software is used for detailed drawing of physical components in a computer.

Criteria for choosing Engineering drawing software:-1. Efficient Engineering drawing software:-

To make drawings, We need excellent engineering design quality. A minor change in the drawing can affect the production of the industry to a large extent. When looking for an engineering drawing software, we must keep in mind that it can fulfill all our drawing requirements. For different types of engineering, the requirements are different. For mechanical engineers, it should be able to explore tools for making free from surfaces. There should be common blocks available. For Ex-Blocks like ammeter, voltmeter, the transformer should be available for electrical engineers. For civil engineering inbuilt blocks of floors and walls should be available to make our drawing easier and save our time.

ActCAD is an engineering drawing software has an excellent design quality. It also has blocks available for mechanical, electrical, civil and architectural engineers also

2. Easy Learning Curve:-

To make complicated drawings in an engineering drawing software, we need training and experience. Always search for an engineering drafting software which has an almost similar interface like others. So the engineering CAD software, we will buy must be easy to learn in a short span of time. Another aspect we need to take care of is the software we are choosing must have built-in tutorials. It must have some online articles and youtube videos which will help us to learn faster. Most of the commands must be same as that of other software too. The engineering drawing software must allow both classic and ribbon interface.

3. Good Technical Support:-We will always go for a product which has an excellent support during our requirement. If the engineering drawing software, we have bought a product which has an excellent technical support team, they will take less time to resolve our issue. Generally, Email is the main source of communication in organizations.

But if the company is giving the solution with the help of screen sharing, calling etc., it is a big advantage for all of us. Having You-tube video tutorials for common issues will also help us a lot. Even if we are buying an engineering drafting software at a slightly higher price with an excellent technical support, we must buy it.

4. Having Drafting tools for present and future:-

When we are working with an organization, employees of different units have different drawings. If the engineering drafting software we have purchased is not able to show the 3D models like the thickness of a line, the proper dimensions of drawing, tolerance etc., it’s a waste. Be clear that the engineering drafting software you have purchased should be able to create the drawing for the modern day standards.

ActCAD is an engineering drawing software used for both 2D and 3D drawings. It is made with IntelliCAD 8.4b which is the latest technology available at present.ActCAD can open any kind of files along with their thickness, proper dimensions, and tolerance.

5. Compatible with all types of files:-

When you are working in an organization, you may work with several kinds of files like Dwg, Dxf, PDF etc. In an engineering drawing software, the common type of file format is Dwg. If the software you have purchased can open only one type of file i.e DWG, it is a complete waste of money. But people want a file format which can be opened in any system. They generally ask for PDF format because it can be opened in any system without the CAD software. ActCAD is the drawing software which supports all kinds of files like DXB, DWF, DGN etc. ActCAD also has a special feature has called"PDF Converter" which can convert DWG file to PDF. When we convert DWG file to PDF, only the file format changes. The complete drawing remains same. In the PDF file format, the layers, and thickness of the drawing will remain same.

6. Cost Criteria:-

Several types of engineering drawing software are available in the market. Their price varies from one to one. Before buying the engineering drawing software, At first, We should consider the Price of the CAD software. But before that, we should go for a software having the features to fulfill our requirements.ActCAD is a drawing software which is 80% economical compared to other CAD software.

Along with that, we should be clear about 2 other charges, hidden charges and upgrade charges. Generally, dealer or company does not mention these extra charges at the time of buying the software. Hidden charges include special charges for a special feature. After buying the software, when the person tries to use that special feature, he has to pay an extra amount for it. Hidden charges also include charges at the time of technical support. It means when we have an issue with the software and we want the solution to that issue, we have to pay an extra amount for it.

Upgradation charges are the amount of money we have to pay to upgrade our software to the latest version. Some of the software also charge annually for using the software.


At the time of buying any engineering drawing software, I suggest you keep the above-mentioned criteria in your mind. A good decision at the time of choosing the Engineering drawing software can increase the profit of the company to a larger extent. Before buying any engineering drafting software you must use the software for at least a period of 15 days for being completely aware of the function of the software you are going to buy. Please choose the software based on the requirements of your company. So before buying an engineering drawing software do a lot of research, analysis, and evaluation. If you are searching for a good engineering drawing software at an affordable price you can click at the below link, download and install the drawing software.

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Engineering drawing software has replaced manual drawing with an automated process. Modern-day engineering drawing software ranges from 2D drafting systems to 3D solid and surface modelers.

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