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Advantages and Uses Of Light Weight Bricks: Magicrete.In

Author: Darshak Shah
by Darshak Shah
Posted: Sep 02, 2017

The modern construction world is advancing leaps and bounds, and its search for better, more sustainable and eco-friendly building material has started yielding results that are much stronger and dependable than conventional red-clay bricks. These new age building material - light-weight bricks - have completely revolutionized the industry and offer many advantages over the regular building material available, making them a wise choice for any contractor. In fact, use of light weight bricks can drastically bring down the cost of construction of any project by as much as 2.5%! In this article, we will attempt to explore the many advantages of light weight bricks that you can enjoy and the multitude of applications they can be used in:

Advantages of light weight bricks

  • These bricks are eco-friendly - made from recycled industrial waste (fly ash)
  • The manufacturing process of these bricks is non-polluting (only steam is emitted as a by-product)
  • They are easier and cheaper to transport, owing to the fact that they are 3-4 times lighter than traditional bricks.
  • Using these bricks reduces the overall dead-load of the building, thereby allowing construction engineers to create taller structures.
  • Buildings made from
light weight bricks are more energy efficient, owing to their thermal insulation properties.

  • They are non-combustible and fire-resistant.
  • They offer superior sound absorption features
  • They can be easily cut, drilled, nailed and milled to suit whatever construction design that you have in mind.
  • They can be manufactured in custom sizes, making them more suitable for different construction projects.
  • Since these bricks reduce the total weight of the structure being built, its earthquake resilience levels are increased drastically.
  • Their light weight also makes these bricks easier to install and use. They even set and harden quickly!
  • Light weight bricks are also resistant to termites and pests.

All the above points simply showcase the fact that light weight bricks are in-fact, way better than red-clay bricks for use as building material in a variety of different projects.

Uses of light weight bricks

The specific properties of light weight bricks, as listed above, make them ideally suited for a wide variety of construction projects. Thermal and sound insulation features makes them perfect for use in schools, hospitals, hotels, offices and the like. Plus the energy efficient buildings constructed from these bricks will serve as ideal residential units. Overall, there isn’t any construction application in the industry where light weight bricks will not prove to be advantageous.

Considering the above data, it would be highly beneficial for any construction company or contractor to switch over to light weight bricks over regular red-clay ones. Visit for more information.

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