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Benefits of a Humidifier

Author: Syed Tutul
by Syed Tutul
Posted: Sep 03, 2017
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The best room humidifier is exceptionally beneficial during the winter season as this is the time when the environment’s air is driest. With a humidifier, moisture is put back into the air around you and this can be helpful in a lot of ways, as well as help you and your family cope through the harshness of the winter season. According to a study carried out in 2013, flu infections and airborne viruses are significantly inhibited from manifesting in an environment that has humidity levels of up to 43 percent or more. In an environment with lower levels of humidity, up to 77 percent of viruses could be transmitted through the air but the percentage dropped when the level of humidity was increased. Also, in 2009, a study carried out produced similar results and humidity prevented influenza virus from being able to thrive or get transmitted.

In this article, we will be discussing the various benefits of a humidifier and how it can prevent any kind of sickness from getting ahold of you as well as other benefits such as making your skin glow and keeping your real wood furniture fresh and preserved.

These benefits are discussed below

1. Eliminate risks of infections:

When the air is moist, it will be difficult for bacteria and viruses to move around and get transmitted in any way. A humidifier helps keep the air moist and this could make all the difference in keeping you healthy all through the normal dryness of the weather.

2. Give you a more vibrant and softer skin

There are a lot of problems associated with the dry skin itself and when everywhere is cold, the air is capable of making an otherwise not-so-dry skin become dry. This could make the skin age fast, look dull and flaked. To prevent problems like these, a humidifier is important to help keep the air around you moist. With a humidifier in place, you can maintain a glowing, vibrant and ultimately a youthful look throughout winter and other dry periods.

3. Comfortable throat and nose

Dry air makes the nose dry and tight which could really be painful and uncomfortable. This dryness reduces your resistance to bacteria and viruses. With a humidifier, this dryness can be checked and you will feel more comfortable afterward.

4. Quicker healing times from infections

Let’s say you do catch the flu or a virus, the long time that you are supposed to spend dealing with these things would be made considerably shorter by a humidifier because it would make your nasal passages and throat moist at all times. This alone will make you heal faster and make symptoms like sneezing and coughing disappear.

5. Keep your houseplants healthy

There are a lot of benefits attached to having plants in your house such as sucking the toxins in the air but cold dry air could hurt these plants and make them look sick and droopy. With a humidifier, the plants can be kept fresh and healthy which will of immense benefits to you too.

6. Protects and keeps wood furniture fresh

Wood furniture can easily get damaged by dry air but a humidifier will prevent this dryness and make the wood last for a very long time so you do not have to worry about changing your furniture every now and then.

7. Better sleep

Dry nose and throat make us snore and with a humidifier, there is enough moisture to go round. A humidifier also keeps the environment warm due to the fact that moist air is warmer than dry air. This warmth in the air would definitely make you sleep more comfortably.

8. Little or no electric shocks

There is the tendency to experience static electricity due to too much dryness in the air. Use a humidifier and you will not have to experience anything like this.

9. Reduced heating bill

With a humidifier in your home, you will not necessarily turn your heater on because there will be warmth due to the moist air emitting from the humidifier. This will help you keep your heating bill low and ensure some budget cuts.

10. Clearer morning voice

Too much dryness in the air can make you sound really husky in the morning. When you sleep in an environment with moist air, you get to wake up with your normal voice intact with no form of dryness or huskiness.

Many people have not realized how helpful the best humidifier

can be in their living environment and a lot of them just complain and deal with the discomfort that comes with dry air. A humidifier takes away those discomforts and you get to continue living like nothing changed, no matter how dry the normal air is. Your humidifier is keeping things normal for you. Wouldn’t you rather get one today?

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