A Yummy and Less Spicy Curry from Malaysia

Author: Mariele Tanes
by Mariele Tanes
Posted: Mar 17, 2014

Not all curry dishes are the same. Here is one of the most tasty curry I ever made and yet is not as spicy as many people believed. It is called Kapitan Chicken.

If you are among the lot that think in this manner, I have a very good news for you.There is a wonderfully flavored curry originated from Malaysia which is milder, and yet full with excellent flavor of a myriad of herbs and spices that you expected from an unusual oriental dish.This is one of the most famous dishes served in most Nyonya eateries.

Many people believed the the origin of the name chicken kapitan was dated back to the era when the Portuguese was settled in Melacca in the 15th century.Throughout the governance of Portuguese, the Portuguese conferred the name Kapitan (means captain) to the chief of the Chinese clan. it was said that the dish was named after the Kapitan of the Chinese tribe.The intermarriage between the Chinese and Portuguese especially at the area of Melaka has produced the followings new generation called Peranakan. If has become the mainstream Peranakan cuisine loved by all walks of life in Malaysia.Peranakan food is also called Nyonya food in Malaysia as Nyonya simply means granny in the local vocabulary.

After he learned from the Malay woman, he made a decision to modify the flavor according to his liking. He improvised the recipe by substantially lessened the quantity of chili and included several Chinese ingredients.After he has perfected the dish, he wanted to show off his new invention to his captain during one of the party. To his delight, most of the guests as well as the captain are enjoying the bursting myriad of flavors of this unconventional dish. The captain ask him what's the name of this dish.The chef wanted to satisfy the captain so he promptly said that it was captain's chicken. The name of this dish has since stuck among the locals until today.

Kapitan chicken is different from the classic Malaysian curry not only it is less hot, but is also cooked with different set of spices. It has a unique Nyonya flavor as a result of the combination of lemongrass, galangal (a kind of ginger, also all blue ginger ), turmeric ( the regional terms it as yellow ginger ), coconut milk and belacan (local shrimp paste).It is unlike the Malay and Indian curry as not only it is cooked with less chili, but is also the blend of spices used.The standard spices used in Malay and Indian curry for instance cumin, fenugreek and fennel are hardly used.On the other hand, coconut milk is still used abundantly much like in the traditional curry recipe.

Kapitan chicken is a refreshing option to the regular Western meals as it's cooked with loads of oriental herbs and spices.Many westerners and even some Asian are unable to take on fiercely hot cuisines particularly traditional recipes from Malaysia, Indonesia and India. The taste has been improved to suit the taste buds of the Chinese who does not eat food that is too spicy.It has a thick gravy and is most suitable to serve with rice or breads.You can check out http://www.cookmalaysianfood.com if you wish to learn more about Malaysian food especially Kapitan chicken in greater detail.

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