A Review of the Traditional Nyonya Food

Author: Mariele Tanes
by Mariele Tanes
Posted: Mar 17, 2014

Not every curry dishes are similar. Here is one of the most yummy curry I ever made and yet is not as spicy as many people assumed. It is called Kapitan Chicken.

Many people who wish to try the unusual Asian cuisine may think twice due to the pungent and spiciness of these dishes.This is a dish that isn't so spicy and so should be acceptable by folks throughout the world. This dish is called kapitan created by the localized Chinese immigrants in Malaysia.

Some people believed the the origin of the name chicken kapitan was dated back to the time when the Portuguese was settled in Melacca in the 15th century.During the colonial time of Portuguese, the head of the Chinese tribe was recognized for the contribution to the society and was conferred the title called Kapitan. The intermarriage between the Chinese and Portuguese especially at the area of Melaka has produced the followings new generation called Peranakan. Chicken kapitan is one of the famous Peranakan meals that bears the title Kapitan, which literally means captain. Peranakan food is also called Nyonya food in Malaysia as Nyonya means grandma in the local dialect.

Upon returning to his own kitchen, he found out that it was too hot for the British captain and the crew.He improvised the recipe by substantially decreased the amount of chili and included several Chinese ingredients.When the captain asked him to cooked food for his guests, he chose to take the risks to served this new creation to the captain and his friends during the dinner.To his delight, the majority of the friends as well as the captain are enjoying the bursting myriad of flavors of this unconventional dish. The friends were all inquiring the captain what is the name of this delicacies. He was caught off guarded and was just by murmuring " ayam kapitan ", this means captain's chicken in Malay.Consequently, the name captain's chicken or Kapitan chicken in the local language has since been used to terms this authentic local cuisine.

Kapitan chicken can be regarded as as one of the many types of curries in Asia. The basic ingredients of curry are spices that usually includes chillies. However, the spies found in curries from different countries can be quite different. In the case Kapitan chicken, spices that the Chinese is more acquainted with such as turmeric is included. The Thais prefers to use green chillies, a lot of lime and lemongrass.As for Thai curry, green chilli is one of the key ingredients to prepare the well-known Thai green curry. Finally, you will find yogurt and milk in some of the curry recipes from India.

Kapitan chicken is a refreshing option to the classic Western cuisine as it is cooked with loads of oriental herbs and spices.It is especially ideal for people who like curry but is concerned about the fiercely hot feeling.Kapitan chicken is best to eat together with plain rice or flat bread. It has a thick gravy and is most suitable to serve with rice or breads.You can log on to http://www.cookmalaysianfood.com for details about Malaysian food, and download some recipes to experience this new and amazing cuisine.

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