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Various Types of Organisations and Their Purposes

Author: Lilia Ramsey
by Lilia Ramsey
Posted: Jul 28, 2019
dixi chicken

Various Types of Organisations and Their Purposes

There are several classifications aimed at defining the types and the purposes of an organization. The most spread and the most general classification of the organizations is the division into private, public, and voluntary sectors. The main peculiarity of the public organizations is that these companies belong to the state and they are run for human needs. The financing of the public sector is based on the taxation system. People pay money and this money is used to support the organizations of the public sector. There are two main purposes of the public organizations, (1) to provide the citizens with the public services, and (2) to use the state resources for the benefit of the society in general. For example, the most spread UK public sector organizations are as follows: prisons, police, roads, educational establishments, healthcare, defense and public security, libraries, etc. Private sector is owned by individuals who run this business. The main purposes of the private sector organizations are to gain much profit and to maximize sales, to increase the company potential and to make it grow, and to increase market share. The main examples of the private organizations in UK are sole traders, partnership, companies and franchises. The voluntary sector is the final type of the organizations, which is not owned by any individual, however, there is a responsible person who sets the company goals and leads the financial operations. The main purpose of the voluntary organizations is to help particular layers of population. Financing of voluntary organizations is based on charity, donations, and other types of financial leakage. Mukherjee (2005) defines such organizations as, "economic, educational, administrative, cultural, social, religious, political, professional and military" ones (p. 3). This classification is not that spread as the one mentioned above, however, it still deserves attention. This classification is more detailed. The attention is paid to the sphere of activities and, therefore, to the purposes of the organization and related essays on choices

Comparison and Contrast of the Missions, Goals, and the Strategic Objectives of Dixi Chicken and McDonalds

Dixi Chicken and McDonalds are two organizations, which belong to the private sector. The main mission of these two similar fast food restaurants is to make sure that their quality products serve people all over the world, thus, the extension and global participation is the primary statement of these two companies. Moreover, it may be concluded that both Dixi Chicken and McDonalds have involved the top quality and superior service into their mission statements. Being international chains of fast food restaurants, these companies pursue the same goals, but their methods may differ. Having the goal to become a leader among other fast food restaurants, the strategic objectives of these two companies coincide as well. Developing on the basis of the franchising strategy, both Dixi Chicken and McDonalds have gained success. Thus, the primary goal of the companies is to spread their presence all over the world. Having already occupied Europe, McDonalds increases its presence in the Eastern countries. The presence of Dixi Chicken is lower. The Europe does not have such restaurants. Therefore, the main strategic objective of this company is to increase its presence in Europe and to become a recognized brand (Dixi Chicken n. d.).

How Stakeholder Expectations Influence Organisational Missions and Goals and to What Extent Dixi Chicken’s Responsibilities Meets Stakeholder Expectations

Stakeholders’ expectations affect organizational missions and goals. The main idea of each organization is to meet customers’ needs. Moreover, the suppliers of the services also participate in the company business. Therefore, trying to meet the wishes and the desires of the customers, the company sets organizational missions and goals in relation to these expectations. Moreover, the interests of the suppliers are met as well as it is essential for the organization to have good products from reliable suppliers. Considering the Dixi Chicken organization, it is possible to see that the values of the company are closely interconnected with the stakeholders’ expectations. When people come to Dixi Chicken, they like this specific food, they wish to enjoy this traditional Halal chicken. The interest of people in this food makes the company set the goals for increasing the presence of Dixi Chicken in other countries. Moreover, people got used to quality food and superior services. Thus, the main mission of the company is to become the synonym with quality and superiority. Dixi Chicken promotes environment friendly policy; however, this policy has been applied to it by its consumers. The research shows that people have become more preoccupied with the environment protection (Dixi Chicken n. d.). People are interested in using the services of the company, which protects the nature as well. Therefore, such marketing actions are supported and help the company become recognized not only because of the company products and services, but on the basis of its interests. Therefore, it may be concluded that the expectations of the consumers of the goods and services influence the company’s goals and missions as the main priority of any company is to meet the interests of its clients.

The Nature of UK Economic System and How It Affects Dixi Chicken Business Organisation in the UK

There are three main types of economies in the world: free market economy, command economy, and mixed economy. The United Kingdom follows the mixed economy principles. The main peculiarities of the mixed economy may be considered by means of production, the ways to do it and who should do it. The peculiarity of the mixed economy is that the UK business is guided both by individuals and the government. The problem of what should be produced is solved by means of the government (legislation) and by consumers (their desires). The ways of production are defined both by the government and by the companies which seek for higher profit. The target of the production and the services consumers are defined by the purchasing power and the preferences of the company. This particular system of the mixed economy preferable influences Dixi Chicken as being supported with the UK laws, the company has an opportunity to satisfy customers’ needs on the basis of their specific demands. The chain of fast food restaurants successfully functions in the UK as this country has created preferable conditions for this type of business. People also wish to consume the products served by Dixi Chicken (Dixi Chicken n. d.). The possibility to develop franchising in the UK is the main criteria that allows the organization under discussion successfully run its business. No other preferences from the UK state are necessary. The company is responsible for making sure that customers are interested in this service. Therefore, the preference of the consumers and the availability of the desire to eat such food are important (Dixi Chicken n. d.).

How Governments Manage the National Economy and the Impact of Fiscal and Monetary Policy on Businesses such as Dixi Chicken

National economy is important for each particular country as the whole business sphere functions in accordance with the rules of this particular regime. The UK is run by both private and public sector. Being free in choosing the product and service for production, the state usually controls the companies. Considering the United Kingdom, this state manages national economy by means of legal acts, by means of providing subsidies and by taxation. There are many advantages and disadvantages of any particular way of managing the economy, but looking at the UK financial situation it is possible to confirm that the chosen strategy is successful (Payne 2011). The Dixi Chicken organization is affected by the taxation and legislation. The fiscal and monetary UK policies also influence Dixi Chicken. Being present in several countries all over the world, Dixi Chicken is influenced by the country’s monetary policy aimed at using the interest rate for regulating the inflation. Conducting all the financial operations through the electronic money and accounting, the company under discussion cannot omit this role. The fiscal policy also influences the company as the changes in taxation cannot remain invisible for Dixi Chicken. Being interested in the growth of business in the country, the state regulates the necessity to increase taxes with the companies’ abilities. Eventually, the changes in the taxation influence Dixi Chicken dramatically as being unable to carry huge taxes, the company has to increase the prices and it influences the buying possibility of people. Thus, the demand for some products may reduce. However, marketing strategies and favorable attitude from the side of the state helps Dixi Chicken develop its chain in the country and beyond its borders (Dixi Chicken n. d.).

How Competition Policy and Regulatory Mechanism Work in the UK and Influence the Businesses in Relation to Dixi Chicken

Competition in the sphere of the fast food restaurants is high in the United Kingdom. More and more companies see the advantages of creating such companies; therefore, people have an opportunity to choose among many different products and services. To attract the customers, companies refer to various strategies and methods. The main purpose of the UK government is to make sure that the companies follow fair competition. There is a specific Competition Act in the UK, which defines the fair competition rules and regulates the relationships between the companies. Following this particular Act, companies are guaranteed to meet the law and to act appropriately. Each company in the UK is offered equal opportunities. The reason why some companies become more successful than others is explained by the ways how these opportunities are used. Competition policy in the UK allows companies, and, especially, the fast food chain, conduct fair competition and use the priorities the company offers. It is essential to remember that the regulatory mechanism in the UK works through the legislation, control and taxation. All the companies should meet the legal norms and conduct all the necessary actions. The UK law imposes some obligations on the companies and the possibility of Dixi Chicken to meet these rules is essential for its development. Using the politics of franchising, Dixi Chicken may refer to merger for faster occupation of the market (Dixi Chicken n. d.). However, the UK Competition Act imposes some particular restrictions on merger that are not suitable for the company under consideration.

How Market Structure Determines the Pricing and Production Decisions

Competition is closely related to the notions of market structure, pricing and production decisions. The UK market structure is referred to contestable market in several reasons. First of all, the number of fast food restaurants and other companies is great in the UK. The differentiated product type and the low cost of entry and exit from the market are the important characteristic features of this market structure. It is also important to mention that price is important in this competition type, but it is not set by the companies. The price regulation is based on the objective reasons and it is controlled by the state. Product decision is usually controlled by the consumers. The demand for the particular food in Dixi Chicken makes the managers reconsider the menu and develop a new one with the implementation of the consumers’ desires. Considering the mission statement of the Dixi Chicken organization, it is possible to see that traditional food rules and quality control are the main aspects which influence the decision making. Operating in the contestable market competition, Dixi Chicken should remember the rules of this market structure and follow some peculiarities (Dixi Chicken n. d.). Non-price competition is very important in this case, therefore, the marketing strategies should be developed.

Analysis of How Market Forces Influence the Organisational Response and How Dixi Chicken Would Respond

There are several market forces, which influence fast food industry development. Supply and demand are the most effective ones. Customers’ demand on the products of the chain increases, therefore, the supply is increased as well. The company organizational behaviour changes as with the increase of the demand the fast food chain has to deal with the greater number of orders that may influence the organizational behaviour of the staff. In case of the Dixi Chicken, it suffers from the increase of the demand on its services, and it will respond by the increase of the number of fast food restaurants in the region where the demand has increased. The search for new suppliers is going to be another change in organizational behaviour. Dixi Chicken is the company that guarantees top quality of its products and services. The increase in demand resulted in the increase in production may also respond by the increase of the price. This is standard behaviour at the market and Dixi Chicken is going to act in the same way. The increase of the production is impossible constantly in one restaurant (Dixi Chicken n. d.). Therefore, the widening of the chain may follow. It may also lead to the increase of the working places and reduction of the level of unemployment. The situation may appear when the supply of the products is increased and the productivity grows as well, but the demand has reduced. In this case the marketing actions should attract more consumers followed by the reduction of the price.

The Business and Cultural Environment of Dixi Chicken and Assess to What Extent it Shapes the Behaviour of the Organisation

The relation between business and cultural environment cannot be avoided. Each country has particular cultural rules and traditions, which influence business development. Considering the United Kingdom, it is possible to see that people in this place lead active life. Living in big cities, people spend much time at work, having forgotten about some needs of everyday life. British people prefer to have a dinner in one of the fast food restaurants rather than spend hours on cooking. The cultural environment has changed. Globalization has occupied the country and now British people also prefer to spend more time on more interesting activities than cooking. This has influenced the organizational behavior of many companies. Offering the services to the customers, such fast food chains as Dixi Chicken offer not only simple dishes, but complex courses are presented. The importance of the specific organizational changes helps to conclude that the cultural peculiarities play essential role in the company development (Dixi Chicken n. d.). Dixi Chicken is the company with a high development of the restaurants in the USA where fast food eating is a part of people’s everyday life. At the same time, the chain is not present in European countries where specific Halal chicken food may not be understood.

How International Trade Affects the UK Businesses and Analysis of the Impact of Global Factors on UK Businesses, including Dixi Chicken

International trade has become the part of every developed country as the part of the globalization process. International trade affects the UK business as import of the goods and products inserts some changes in the national economy. All the international trading relationships influence the amount of the produced and sold goods nationally. The UK is the country that legally controls international trading affairs. The Dixi Chicken organization uses the products of both national and international trade. The company specialises on the specific Halal chicken and some components are available only abroad. Therefore, it may be stated that the company would not exist without international trading. Moreover, the very principle of the company chain development is franchising. This type of running business is based on selling of the rights to use the brand with particular restrictions. Therefore, it may be stated that Dixi Chicken is the UK based company which preferably refers to international trading affairs. The globalization process affects this organization greatly.

Assessment of the Role and the Impact of EU Policies and Directives on the UK Businesses Using Dixi Chicken

The United Kingdom is the part of the European Union. Being a highly developed country, it has managed to save personal national currency. Being a part of the EU, it has a strong influence on the decisions made by the organizations. Assessing the roles of the EU policies and directives on the UK business, it should be stated that being a part of this organization and participating in the decision making process, these legislative acts play a great role in the UK business development. Each policy or directive accepted in the EU influences the laws in the United Kingdom. Moreover, since the appearance of the EU, all the laws accepted in the UK are correlated with the already existed directives of the EU. It is inadmissible for the UK to have the laws which may contradict. Speaking particularly about the Dixi Chicken, the franchising way of running business should be considered (Dixi Chicken n. d.). The company follows the UK laws, which, in their turn, meet the EU standards. For example, the employment procedures, social security and other similar issues are conducted in relation to the EU rules. Most of the policies and regulations bring advantages for companies’ development. However, EU may also put some restrictions in running business. The dependency on the third party is not good, however, the place of the UK in this group is highly valued. Therefore, making decisions or drawing any important conclusions the interests of the Great Britain should be considered.

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