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Enjoy Free and Exciting Escape Games

Author: Ajaz Aa
by Ajaz Aa
Posted: Sep 05, 2017

An Escape game is an online game where a player is confined in a closed surrounding and has to find out ways to escape from the confinement within a specific tiLet’s get this started with a questioner. Give some time, think through and answer with a simple "Yes" or "No".

  1. Do you find yourself doing the same job over and over again with no excitement?

  2. Ever found yourself in the midst of a mystery movie trying to solve the mystery yourself even before the protagonist in the movie could do it?

  3. Hooked to detective novels or crime mystery?

  4. Does the idea of solving clues, hints or puzzles excite you?

  5. Do you feel pressurised by real life tasks and need a break that will help your brain get re-energised?

  6. Are you looking to keep your team members active and also collectively engaged?

  7. Do spend time in day to day travel that is too mundane?

If you had a positive response to any of the questions above, then this article is for you! You should start exploring the most exciting and happening escape games.

What is an escape game?

The player has to manipulate the objects inside the confinement and find clues to escape. In some cases, there would be hidden hints that need to be decoded. The escape games in general have an interesting theme and a story. For instance, the escape room could have the theme of a haunted house from which the player has to escape using clues and hints that he finds in the house. The player races against time and the quicker he solves the puzzles, the earlier he can escape out of the room. These games are very addictive and can be played by all age groups.

Who should play escape game?

The simple answer to this question is practically anyone can play. There are so many escape games that one can choose online depending on their taste, mood or need. Escape games are fun-filled exciting and also helps to relax. Additionally, it could be used for specific reasons too.

  • Children who lack concentration in studies can play these games as it enhances brain’s ability to concentrate.

  • Candidates preparing for competitive exams can use these games for relaxing in between hectic learning schedules. This not only helps them to unwind but also keeps brain constantly brisk which is very critical to handle such examinations

  • Executives can use these games as stress busters. Is it just a stress buster? Nope, there is lot more you can get through this. Your problem solving skills will get many folds better. You can see yourself handling critical problems with much ease.

  • If your job does not provide you with adrenal rush and if you worry that your brain would eventually rust with no challenge, you should start playing escape games to keep your brain active and healthy.

  • Escape game is a superb team building activity. It is very important for a team to have cooperation and joint effort to resolve a real life crisis. However is it wise for the team to wait for a real crisis situation to test their team spirit and effectiveness in problem closure? Definitely not. Playing escape games regularly as a team could help them review their strengths and weakness.

Escape games to escape stress:

In today’s hectic world, a major part of our productive day is spent in travelling. These travels are too mundane, irritating and stressful. Playing escape games help to make such stressful travel exciting. Not just travelling, imagine the hours spent waiting at a doctor’s clinic or waiting to take a bus or even the time that we wait to catch up with a friend. Isn’t this waiting time filled with boredom? One way to escape such boredom is by playing escape games. It not only kills the boredom but also keeps the idle mind active.

It reminds us of the age old proverb "An idle mind is a devil’s workshop". Keep your mind active and your heart happy by engaging in the ever exciting escape games. Life would be more exciting and stress free.

We only add the New escape games and adventure escape games online. The best feeling when you are abducted or beeing chased is that of the freedom after you play escape games . Pick and play Online Escape Games from ajazgames.

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