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Posted: Sep 12, 2017

Bringing a new puppy can be joyful event for first time dog owners. Keep in mind that just like other members of your family, your puppy too will need lots of attention, love and care. Before you go ahead and bring home your new puppies, here are a few tips to follow:

The Basics:

Give your new puppies the best start in life, make sure to purchase premium puppies food and not the cheap stuff. Next, make sure you also purchase a stainless-steel water bowl, as your puppies will often require access to water frequently. Moving on, make sure to purchase a collar and leash so that you can take your puppies for walk – also do ensure that you have a ID tag clipped to the collar, this will help you find your puppies in case he or she runs off. Finally, ensure that you have the proper house cleaning equipment because puppiesies will urinate and defecate in the house for a few months.

Puppy Hygiene:

To ensure your puppies enjoys good hygiene, make sure to purchase a grooming brush that is most suitable for the breed’s coat. Next, also make sure to purchase a nail clipper and shampoo for bathing your puppy. Also, make sure to purchase adequate amount of chew toys, as your puppies will need something to chew on during the teething process.

Puppies Safety:

To puppy-proof your house, make sure look under the bed, sofa and other household objects to ensure that there aren’t any small items that the pupy could get in its mouth. Make sure to hide all electrical wires or any other thing that may be deemed dangerous for the puppy. Also, your puppies will chew on furniture, to prevent this bad habit from getting worse, purchase furniture sprays that deter puppiesies from chewing on furniture such as couches, tables and other household items.

Puppies Shelter:

If your puppies won’t be staying indoors with you, make sure to purchase a large doghouse, one that could accommodate him or her when reaching full maturity. Rain or shine, your dog will have a place of its own to sleep or relax when you are not around.

Traveling With Your Pet:

If you are planning to travel internationally with your puppies, you could find yourself drowning in paper work. You have go through a host of procedures before you can take your puppies with you, whether on vacation or moving to a new country. However, there are services that can make it effortless to reunite you with your puppies when you go abroad, this avail this service you will have to hire Animal Transport in Hong Kong

who will take over all the procedural work involved in transportation your beloved puppies by airplane.

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