Phone Repair Fayetteville Tips on How to Check Your Phone Less

Author: Brandon Fence
by Brandon Fence
Posted: Sep 13, 2017

We are all victims of the modern pandemic and that is being addicted to checking our phones in every single minute that we can. Yes, there is that certain but very fleeting feeling of euphoria and although it may feel good at first, however, it is actually bad for our overall physical, mental, and psychological health as our bodies are constantly exposed to radiation and somehow we become more dependent on social media gratification and acceptance for our existence on the web--all this can be compared to a toxic relationship with a friend or a romantic partner.

As much as we would like to advocate marketing phone products from here at cell phone repair Fayetteville NC, there is a certain limit to your usage of the device as a user and we are here to help you guide you through it.

  • Turn off your notifications

Whether it is that new "Samantha just liked your status" on facebook or that "Ben just retweeted your tweet", you are bound to be excited to check your phone right away to satisfy that curiosity and certain pride that you feel in your gut that says, "Yay! Someone found my status interesting" gives you the rush of dopamine which makes you

  • Put your phone in the glove compartment when driving

The idea of putting your phone in the glove compartment might make you uneasy as you think of all the possibilities such as "What if someone texts me?", "What if I will receive a call and I would not be able to hear it?" The answer is actually easy, if there is a text, do not entertain it until later when you are done driving or when you have reached your generation. If you have an emergency call, make sure your audio profile is set to loud or outdoors so you will be able to hear it, park the car aside, and then answer your call.

  • Limit your time of browsing

It may seem unpractical but you have to limit your time of browsing for a certain span of time. Let’s say 30 minutes to an hour is okay and up until your timer sets off, you have to close all tabs and applications then proceed to your work. Any phone repair Fayetteville will try to tell you to do your hardest not to procrastinate, this is all for your own good.

  • Don’t use your phone while you are in bed

Ever had those sleepless nights because of insomnia? You keep on tossing and turning on your bed and yet somehow, the sleepiness never gets to you. Your attention to your phone might be the one to blame. Avoid using your phone while you are in bed, trying to make yourself fall asleep because it is going to end up bad anyway. Next thing you know, you have been switching in between 4 applications and it is already 4 AM, and with the constant phone usage, you’ll find yourself needing the help from phone repair Fayetteville

  • Take things slowly

There is no need hasten the process, addiction to your phone takes a lot of time to recuperate and you need to understand that it is naturally a slow process but an effective one nonetheless.

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