Facing discrimination? know how to fight back

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Posted: Sep 13, 2017

Discrimination- a bane of social life

Human is a social animal and he prefers to live a social life. But being similar to a coin social life comes with two totally different faces. The one face is a good and helping one where everyone in your society helps each other and take stand for you when you need it. But the other face comes out to be worst with cruelty, exploitation and discrimination in it. Good times are best part of human life but getting discriminated by someone or by a group of people or society is the most demotivating thing that happens to human in their life.

What is discrimination?

Discrimination is basically treating a person on the basis of their society or the group they belong. Constitution never allows anyone to discriminate in people on the basis of their caste, color, religion or gender. We humans being children of same Almighty God Allah how can differ in any respect? The people who do discrimination are the one who deserves punishments for it. Because it has been proved that the one who gets discriminated by others may face mental health damage for the whole life especially small children and adults facing discrimination are coming out to be victims of mental health damage. Although there are many laws against discrimination, but they are just made. Still there are many communities around the world who are facing discrimination just because they belong to that community. But is an advice to all those people and to all those communities that you should fight back for your rights, you should shut mouth of those who are discriminating you. It is a fact that everyone who gets discriminated can’t always fight against it. And the reasons behind are many. They may have lack of sources or money. But you don’t need to worry about any of that thing because there are many laws against discrimination and many people and organizations who are going to help you so that you can have your rights.

Where to get help?

Everyone can’t help you with your every problem which you struck in. But there are still many who can help you with a problem like discrimination. Firstly you should learn to take your own stand and if still you are not able to handle the situation there are many ANGOs and organizations who are always available to help you. They can provide you good lawyers although you can one at your own too but searching for a good lawyer is like trying to find a pearl in an ocean. So you should always visit some organizations first as they all work free of cost for the needy one. And if you are looking for some online help then you can have that too. There are many organizations who are providing free help. One such organization is civil lawyers Perth, the lawyers that run this organization are quite experienced and smart. They can help you to avoid going to court and can resolve your problem with some smartness. Civil Law lawyers Perth will provide you free help you are economically weak but still if you are not the prizes they charge are quite affordable.


The one who does exploitation is a criminal but the one who bears it is also termed as a criminal. So just stop being that and learn to fight back for your rights in each part of your life. Always try to help yourself and if you are failing go and find some help. If there are bad people in the world, don’t ever think that population of good is less. So just be an independent person and teach others also the same.

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