Peerless Things You Must Consider While Booking Goa Tour Package

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Posted: Sep 13, 2017

When we think of Goa-it makes us envision two things: Beaches and Beer. We can see so many Goa-visitors talking about the fun and the delight that they lived up at different beaches in Goa. But there are some other beautiful aspects in Goa which you must visit and see how some peerless things are adding attractions to Goa. Read more information about goa tour packages

Here in this write-up, we have pointed out five unbeatable things in Goa which you must consider while booking your Goa tour packages.

Enjoying rain during the monsoon:

It is truly magical during the monsoon season. The rainy season brings a break for Goa from the full-of-activity tourist season, and it is somehow the best opportunity that you can experience and look at the real essence of Goa. Taking a walk along with the beaches during the rainy days can fill you with a pleasant experience as never before.

Spice plantations:

Unlike any artificial tourist attractions in Goa, you can take a tour to the popular spice plantations at Savoi-Verem where a range of spice is produced by the locals. And the plantation becomes even more attractive during the monsoon. Visiting the spice plantation requires you to have a tour expert who can guide you throughout the plantation. While booking your package, you must discuss your requirements.

Sao Joao Festival:

This is another aspect of Goa that you must not miss out in any manner. This is a popular festival with the locals as the people celebrate the festival with the utmost zest. You can experience their tradition-which is somehow another example of diversity in India. It is celebrated in the last week of June every year. Visit us to know more about packages tour in India

Wildlife sanctuary:

Sanctuaries in Goa are all eye-catching as they are home to different animals and species. You must visit sanctuaries and national parks in Goa during the monsoon season.

The Dudhsagar Falls:

This is an iconic location in Goa, where you can see the thrilling water falls from the height of 301 meters (987 feet) above. It is situated in the Mollem National Park wherein you can take some easy trekking route to reach the waterfall.

So these are some popular places that you must visit and see another aspect of Goa. You might have visited beaches so many times, but now it’s time to explore some other things in your next tour to Goa. Book a customized travel package for Goa and enjoy the all the attractions to the fullest.

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