Russia the Unexplored Place

Author: Anvi Sharma
by Anvi Sharma
Posted: Sep 13, 2017

Russia is not as shown in the James Bond movies but quite different. It is an awe inspiring place with scenes and buildings which are exclusive to this country. All Russia Tour Package contain visit to two west side cities St. Petersburg and the capital city Moscow. Moscow can be categorized as the new Russia while St. Petersburg is the grandest of all cities in Europe and retains the old world charm too. Let us have a look at some of the things to take care while travelling to Russia from India.

  • You are fluent in English, but that is not going to help you in Russia. Most of the people in Russia do not speak English, and Russian is not a simple language to learn in a few days. However, technology will come to your rescue. Before embarking on the journey download Google Translate and learn how to use it. It is really helpful.
  • You should know that Indian Rupees and Roubles are equal in exchange. It is therefore better to use an international debit card, and HDFC has the least charges of use.
  • Carrying USD and Euros can make life easier while travelling in the rural areas as they are easily converted into the local currency in Russia.
  • Make a copy of Visa and Passport and show this to any enquiries. Do not hand over the original ones as there are many crooks in Russia looking to fleece the tourists of their passport.
  • For keeping your mobile alive buy the MTC cards at the airport for just 500 Roubles and get data and calling for a month. MTC is the best mobile service provider in Russia.
  • IF you plan to stay for more than a week then your Visa must be registered. This can be done at any post office for 25o Roubles. Most of the hotels provide this service without any additional charges.
  • People in the cities might seem rude to you at first, but do not get that feeling. Russians are the best hosts and it is only the language barrier that makes you think they are rude.
  • Keep the migration card given to you at the immigration at the airport. This will be required at all the checkpoints and you should guard it just like your passport and Visa.

Once you have taken the precautions, you can start the tour and starting from Moscow is the best way to go. Alternately you could bundle Tashkent tour package from India with the Russian package.

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