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Palo Santo - Essential Oils and burners

Author: Amit Kumar
by Amit Kumar
Posted: Sep 20, 2017

We @Lunasundra harvest Palo Santo which is an incredible tree which has many benefits for the human body. It has many benefits similar to Sage and Cedar. It is known worldwide for its cleansing and healing properties. When burning it creates a pleasant and fresh smoke which is good for the atmosphere of the house and also to keep away the mosquitoes. Palo Santo is basically used in the medicine field for treating common cold, flu, stress, headaches and anxiety. The oils made from the Palo Santo can be used for Aromatherapy which is very beneficial for health.

First ignite the Palo Santo stick by using a lighter and let it burn for about 1 minute. Waft it around your house or workplace or anywhere where you want good aroma and clean energy. This aroma that arises is very peaceful and will fill you up with positive energy. Once finished you deposit the stick in a bowl where it will eventually burn out. Always stay safe and work with caution around fire. Palo Santo uses: in the medicine field for treating common cold, flu and stress. The oils secreted from the Palo Santo can be used for Aromatherapy which is very useful for human body. The following are the instructions on how to use a Palo Santo Stick. It can be used for uplifting mood and strengthen vitality.

At Lunasundra our customers are provided with Palo Santo sticks, Palo Santo gift set box, large chunks of Palo Santo, Log of Palo Santo with a wide variety of weights (1.13 lb, 1.8 lb, 2.2 lb and 4.3 lb). We have a home décor section where you will find some fine Chulucanas plate at affordable prices. Lunasundra also has a plates and bowl section where we sell Incense and Palo Santo holders. All the products we sell at Lunasundra are at very affordable prices. At Lunasundra Palo Santo burner is very popular among our customers

The Palo Santo essential oils are secreted by a renowned chemist in Peru. All the oils that we sell at our store are wild crafted. It means is that all the botanicals that are used in making Palo Santo oils are made from the wild. The plants that we use at Lunasundra aren’t sprayed on with pesticides. The nature of these plants is wild and organic. At Lunasundra we sell oils that are secreted from plants like Eucalyptus, Muna and Palo Santo.

For more about Palo Santo uses. Palo Santo burner, Palo Santo essential oils Please contact us my website :

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