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Things You Probably Don’t Know About Palo Santo

Author: Rahul Sharma
by Rahul Sharma
Posted: Apr 02, 2019
palo santo

Palo Santo trees thrive in the Amazon forest and they are a beauty to behold. The branches usually look quite gnarly after the leaves drop and the trees are not exactly the majestic kind. However, they have one of the most important woods that a lot of people seek. There is a special strong spirit about the tree and it has a lot of advantages to share, but it has to be after a natural death.

Palo Santo wood has a high concentration of essential oils that give it an irresistible aroma as well as remarkable healing properties. However, these properties only develop once the tree falls on its own and given time the rest before use. It will not be of much help if cut down.

The Wood of Saints

Palo Santo is a Spanish name that means holly wood, or the wood of the saints. The tree mostly grows in South America rainforest and it is used in several ways such as healing and energy purposes. Most people do a Palo Santo smudge by burning the sticks from the tree as incense. One of the major reasons why people love Palo Santo wood is the stunning qualities and the abilities to purify everything with a high energy level. When the smoke goes anywhere, it purifies and cleanses.

It Attracts Positive Energy

Most smudging herbs are usually used to cleanse negative energy while others are used in attracting positive energy. Palo Santo is very generous when it comes to healing powers and when the smoke enters an energy field, it clears negative thoughts as well as misfortune. People burn and smudge the wood so it can release the sacred oils that are used to cleanse people and the space it comes in contact with. It also attracts positive energy and heals people both physically and on subtle levels. In addition to that, it increases ability for most people to relax as it enhances meditation.

Sustainable harvest

There are very strict laws when it comes to logging Palo Santo wood in the Amazon forest because this type of tree cannot be cut down or removed until it dies and rests on the forest for some time. People are only permitted to harvest it once it has rested. Even though this is environmentally beneficial, spiritually it is prohibited as well because only rested trees are useful.

The natural oils at the healing properties only develop while the wood is rested and it is during that time that it develops the power to purify, heal, and attract positive energies. All the fallen trees have to be replaced in order to rejuvenate the population of the Palo Santo as a natural biodiversity.

How to use Palo Santo

For you to enjoy the Palo Santo wood, smudging is one of the most popular ways. This is when you burn a stick then blow the flame and allow the smoke to thrive. You only need to keep blowing on it when necessary in order to prevent it from going out. You need to place the stick on an angle that allows it to burns lonely in a fireproof bowl. This way it will continue to release its energy and essential oils that will help you.

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