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Top 3 Signs of the Best Online Contests & Giveaways

Author: Tony Lucas
by Tony Lucas
Posted: Sep 21, 2017
Are you thinking of making some extra money or winning some exciting gifts for your friends and family? The quickest and easiest way to do so is by participating in contests and giveaways. There are plenty of companies providing you with innumerable sweepstakes and contests every day. But you surely don’t want to spend all your time, entering the sweepstakes that you are not so likely to win. You must find the best sweepstakes which have higher chances of winning, right?

So, how would you decide which are the best sweepstakes or online contests in Canada? Here we have put together a few signs of the best sweepstakes and contests which ensure more number of winners. Let’s take a look at each of them.

Fewer Entrants

You will be surprised to see that some giveaways and contests have a really low number of entries and it is in these entries that the odds of winning are much better. But it is impossible to understand the number of entries a sweepstake has received. So, what to do? You must look out for a few things.

For instance, if the entry is restricted based on your state of residence, gender, or age, it might mean that the number of entries has been low. Or if the sweepstakes have a long survey or need a multiple page registration, people are most likely to get annoyed or impatient and let it go. Sometimes, the contests also require an element of skill like writing, making a video, or clicking a photograph which might not be everyone’s cup of tea, thereby limiting the number of entrants. You can also check the sort of prizes you will win at the end of the contest because often, the prizes are only meant for a certain section of people like a gift card to a local restaurant which is not accessible to everyone, or a high-tech gadget that only electronics enthusiasts will be interested in, naturally decreasing the number of entries.

Maximum Scope for Entry

Entering such electronics, fashion, travel, or car contests in Canada on a daily basis is considered to be the first and foremost criteria for winning these contests. So, the best sweepstakes are actually those that will allow you to enter more than other people. Look out for sweepstakes that allow you enter a maximum number of times; allow you to use sweepstakes referrals, and often sponsor extra entries for watching an advert or completing a survey. You can read the rules and regulations page to know more about these kinds of information.

More Gifts & Prizes

No points for guessing this one because you are obviously entering these sweepstakes to win a lot of prizes. So, naturally the Online Contests Canada that will offer you the most number of exciting and attractive gifts and prizes will be the best ones. Even if you don’t win a huge reward, there is always a chance of winning something. And sometimes, this becomes necessary because when you don’t win a contest for a long time, you surely need some motivation to carry on and participate in more giveaways to try more attempts at winning. These small prize sweepstakes are, therefore, quite welcoming as well. So, always make it a point to enter sweepstakes that offer a wide range of prizes.

Now that you know what the basic indicators of the best sweepstakes are, don’t waste your time anymore. Quickly start hunting for fashion, beauty, electronics, home appliances, travel, or Car Contests Canada, and gear up for a massive win-win situation in no time.

About the Author

Tony, a regular partaker, and blogger on the car, electronics, and Home Sweepstakes, here writes on 3 reasons why people love entering the fashion, sports, or Travel Sweepstakes.

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